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Sunday, August 03, 2008

Pickathon 2008 - A Video Sampler from Dave Allen on Vimeo.

Well, it was our first time attending Pickathon, and we had a great time! In fact, I think we'll try to go back every year--make it an annual family tradition. Big open fields, which were used for parking, car camping, and the festival itself give way to acres upon acres of forest that is laced with dirt trails. We hadn't quite expected to be camping so far into the forest, but what a beautiful camping experience it was. We pitched a tent between vine maples and ferns. Landon hauled all our camping gear uphill from the car to our camping site (next year we'll bring a wagon to help with this!). I loved our camping site, but like nearly all the others at Pickathon, it was on a hill, so we slept at an angle, and most mornings, we all woke up in a pile on one end of the tent. Made our sleeping arrangement a little more adventurous than I had planned!

The music was fabulous. Some bands that stood out to me were the Red Stick Ramblers, The Gourds, the Hackensaw Boys, Bombadil, Crooked Still, and Samuel loved the pirate band, Captain Bogg and Salty. There were so many great bands that I can't list them all here. The music started at 10AM and bands played back to back until 2AM. The best part about falling asleep every night with the kids (usually around 10PM) was drifting off to the sound of the music and the screams from the crowd. Somehow, it didn't make going to bed early with the kids seem all that bad, although I would have loved to party all night in the Galaxy Barn until 2AM with all the other Pickathoners to the Red Stick Ramblers. At least I could hear how much fun everyone was having. The Galaxy Barn is the place to be after 11PM!

One of the many great things about this festival is that it's so family-friendly. There were many families and tons of kids--we felt right at home. There was an all day kids' circus, compliments of Circus Cascadia, family yoga in the mornings, and many art and craft, dancing, and music workshops as well. Not to mention that the property is an amazing open space where the kids spend hours chasing hula hoops, dancing to the music, and, if you're my kid, playing with snakes. I thought he had a stick in his hand for the longest time, until he ran up and said, "Mommy, mommy! I found a dead snake!" The snake had inevitably been crushed at some point, but Samuel didn't care, and he was flapping and waving that thing around for a long while before, upon my realizing what it actually was, insisted he put it down and sanitize his hands immediately!

Another great part about the festival is the food. Local farms came in and cooked up all kinds of organic and fresh tasting dinners (loved the couscous and kale!) and the food tents were open from early in the morning until late at night. There was espresso, amazing breakfast, lunch, and dinner plates to choose from, and some of the best homemade gingerale we've had in a long time. There were also several merchants there, two of which were Gypsy Chic and Milagros.

The Pendarvis Farm is a magical place where I imagine fairies must live if they exist. Deep in the forest is the "Woods Stage," where campers have their own mini-festival and all the musicians heard from the larger, more popular stages, rotate in. We had a great time, and I felt sad when it was time to pack up and head home. Once the car was packed, we stayed until 11PM on Sunday, and all four of us danced up by the stage when The Gourds were finishing off their show. Even Juniper clapped her hands and tried to say "ooohh, ooohh" with her mouth--the cutest thing I've ever seen.

There are way too many great pictures to post them all individually, so I've created a slideshow with captions. You can also view pictures and listen to video clips of various bands that played at Pickathon on their website and Flickr has a stream of Pickathon 2008 photos as well. The Mercury also has a few great articles on Pickathon. This Mercury post says it all. Here's our slideshow:

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