Our Drive to Sunriver

Friday, August 08, 2008
The car was packed and ready to go, complete with ice-cold beverages for the family when Landon got home from work last night. He immediately started loading up the bikes, but quickly realized that our bike rack was not going to safely work to hold the weight of two bikes and a Burley trailer. Landon was trying to figure out a way to secure it better when our neighbor pulled up and said we could have a brand new bike rack he had in his basement that he only used for a week. What luck--and so generous of him! Within twenty minutes, we were on the road, heading to the Sunriver Resort in central Oregon to spend a few days with my parents and siblings.

Juniper's fussy time is in the evenings, so the drive over became stressful at times when she would cry. The backseat is too crowded for an adult to sit between the carseats, so we stopped the car a few times. Here we are at our first stop--the Detroit Dam, located in Marion County on the North Santiam River.

I spent many summers camping along the Santiam River with my family. Isn't it beautiful?

I haven't been through the Cascades by way of the Santiam Pass in about five years, so was shocked to see the devastation caused by a forest fire that burned thousands of acres a few years ago.

Despite the damage, the forest floor was alive with new growth. It was so beautiful we stopped the car so Sam and Landon could walk into the forest for a bit while I changed Juniper. This plan was quickly aborted, however, when we were all attacked by swarms of mosquitoes. Landon looked down and there were probably 100 mosquitoes on his arms and legs. The car had quite a few inside, too, and we spent the next few miles swatting at them.

We finally arrived in Sisters, where we stopped for dinner at Bronco Billy's Ranch Grill and Saloon for hamburgers. They were good hamburgers!

Prior to our arrival in Sisters, Juniper had been quite fussy in the car, but once we got her out of her carseat, she was a happy little traveler . . .

. . . and still looking more and more like Landon by the day.


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