One Garbage Can a Month

Tuesday, August 12, 2008
I'm excited about all the recycling opportunities in Portland that I'm learning about as I try to get our family closer and closer to one garbage can a month. There is a lot to learn about materials, how to prepare materials for recycling, where materials can be recycled (curbside or elsewhere), and how to create a recycling station in our home so recyclables have a place to go until they can be dropped off at the proper recycling stations. Sifting through all the information and learning about recycling codes and materials can be overwhelming at times. Each city is different: some cities like Los Angeles take plastic codes 1-7 curbside and other cities like Portland only take certain plastics curbside. The good news is that there are other recycling stations in most cities that will accept materials that can't be put curbside, including bottle caps and Styrofoam! There is a lot of information on recycling in Portland online, and Metro's hotline (503-234-3000) is a great resource for information. I must have called them four times yesterday, and they were so helpful in answering my questions each time I called. In the end, it's going to feel great to know our family is only sending actual garbage to the landfill. If we only throw away garbage, recycling everything else, I am confident that we might get close to one can a month (maybe two cans a month for as long as the kids are in disposable diapers). In a few weeks, I plan to take some pictures and write a post on the blog about the recycling system I come up with, as well as information about the materials that are recyclable here in Portland.


On a different topic, guess who pulled to standing on her eight-month birthday?

She didn't like sitting down hard on her bottom when her legs got tired.

But overall, she's pretty happy about it.


Anonymous said...

Hi, Karli--a friend told me about this website--hmmm, could be an interesting alternative for disposible diapers! --Stefanie

Beetles and Bees said...

Hey Stefanie,
I think I'm going to look into those or cloth. Samuel's now only wearing a diaper at night, and most nights, those come back dry, so we reuse them. Juniper goes through several a day, though, and since she'll be in diapers for maybe two more years, I think it's a good idea that I look into alternatives. G-diapers seem like a good compromise, although I have heard that they can cause problems and clog pipes. I'll do more research... Karli

Claudia said...

She is so very cute in the bottom picture!!!
To,to cute!!!

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