Neighborhood Traffic

Sunday, August 17, 2008

It wasn't until there was a major construction project on a nearby boulevard and traffic was redirected through our neighborhood that the community learned of a shortcut that runs by our house to a second major highway. People continually speed by and one day last week, someone spun out and drove up onto our neighbor's lawn across the street. Every once in awhile, we do a "sting" in our neighborhood and the neighbors get together and park their cars along both sides of the street so only one car at a time can get through. Preventing two way traffic really slows down drivers. Speed bumps would most likely cause more noise on our street as people slow down and then accelerate again. Landon and I would like to get a traffic circle put in at the intersection by our house, but we're not sure how to go about petitioning for this. It's worth pursuing--I plan to look into it in the future! Meanwhile, I'm going to get some "slow down" signs from the city. Even better than signs might be leaving a tricycle on the corner. Of course, our little sting works the best, because it takes the choice of going fast away from drivers and forces them to brake and take turns getting through the parked cars. Two of our neighbors who don't even have children are actually collaborating to dress up and pretend they are doing photo radar from the corner.


Kelli said...

Hey again,

We actually don't have curbside pickup for recycling in Montana. Well, at least not in the small town we live in. We don't even have trash pick-up! We have to haul it all off on our own, recycling included. But I think I'm going to give our recycling center a call and see if they possibly take more than their website says they do.

As for the plastic toys, I just bagged them all up and put them in our garage sale. The kids didn't really play with most of them anyway, so it wasn't all that huge of an issue. Plus, it's easier to keep things organized with fewer toys!

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