Making Hula Hoops

Thursday, August 14, 2008
Sam had so much fun chasing hula hoops at Pickathon that we decided to make a few of our own. I learned from Circus Cascadia at Pickathon how to make your own hula hoops from tubing and electrical tape--from what I was told, these materials make the best hula hoops around!

So Landon and Sam walked up to A-Boy after dinner last night with the red wagon to buy the necessary materials for making hula hoops. Here's how Landon made the hula hoops, using information he found on Jason Unbound's blog:

He bought 25 feet of the 3/4" flexible tubing from the plumbing section and 3 metal connectors. He cut the tubing into three parts with a hacksaw, then used the connectors to connect the ends together. He then wrapped the connection in duct tape for extra strength. He bought several colors of electrical tape and used them to wrap the hula hoop in candy cane style. Another option is to use 1" tubing for a heavier hoop, then put something in the tubing like sand or water to add some noise and weight.

And here they are--two large hulas for Sam and a small hula made with what was left for "Junapepper," as Sam calls her. He played with them for a long while last night, then this morning, we went to Custer Park, where he played with them for three hours (the shaded playground from old-growth trees and constant breeze at Custer Park provide a welcome relief from hot summer days like today--this just might be my new favorite park!).

Oh, and speaking of Junapepper, here is a picture of her using her Exersaucer for the last time before we gave it away. She's growing up so fast and will be chasing hulas like her brother before we know it.


Anonymous said...

Karli--these hula hoops are AWESOME! Now I have a great project for tomorrow, thank you, thank you! Ellie has been head-over-heels for the giant colorful (heavy) hula hoops in our bike store but they're SOOO expensive (and I haven't bothered tracking down cheap-o ones). I love the idea of different size ones too.

Kerrie said...

Karli, I'm going to try making hula hoops! They turned out great. It is so cute how Sam says Juniper's name. Your children are adorable. What a blessing. By the way, I finally added a post to my blog. It's nothing exciting, but I'll try to do a better job at adding things more often. I love reading all the great posts you write and so enjoy looking at the photos.
Love you!

Beetles and Bees said...

Aren't they great? They are so easy to make! Another idea is to put a lightweight ball inside as a noisemaker. Karli

Claudia said...

Wow!! That's a great idea to make them!!
I really like how they turned out!
I like the idea of a ball inside also!
How fun for Samuel!!

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