Juniper's Crawling!

Wednesday, August 06, 2008
Just a few days shy of her eight-month birthday, my little baby has proved she's no longer a baby anymore--she's crawling! She can now get to things like remote controls that used to be out of her reach. Things just got a lot more complicated around here! Suddenly, everything seems potentially dangerous (some of Sam's little toys), or fragile, like this remote control--they don't take too kindly to baby drool.

The objects out of reach are of course the objects she is most entertained by. I let her examine the remote for a few minutes before it found its way to her mouth.

She is always interested in what her big brother is up to, and nearly always pushes off from a sitting position to crawling on all fours to be with Sam. In this picture, he was nearby filling up his little pool with the garden hose.

And so the year of chasing the accident prone baby/toddler begins. I remember with Sam it wasn't until he was about 18 months that he seemed to stop toddling towards drop-offs, into table-top corners, and heading for staircases he didn't yet have the skill to climb. I treat myself even more to coffee these days. All this chasing has me feeling tired just about all the time now.

The best part about Juniper's newfound skill is that you never have to wonder where she's been or what she's been up to. She leaves a trail wherever she goes.

And there she is, at the end of the trail, peaking out from beneath the train table. She's having a lot more fun these days, and our house is a lot less orderly, but we're too proud of her to mind the mess all that much. My little girl has found an additional piece of independence, and, as is the way with motherhood, I find myself standing back and watching her first milestones, letting go little by little to watch her become the person she will grow to be. Goodbye, babyhood. Welcome to toddlerhood, little Juniper.


Jeremy said...

Congratulations Juniper! Awe... it IS such a harder stage because of how many bumps and bruises and the constant watching but it's so exciting too!

It's definitely sad to see the baby stage going by...

The Ferriter Family said...

As always I enjoyed reading your recent, walking. The "babies" are getting sooo big. Have a great day!!

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