It's Hot!

Saturday, August 16, 2008
A heat wave has moved into Portland to stay for a few days, and it's been over 100 degrees yesterday and today. It's supposed to rain on Monday, so it's a relief to know this heat wave won't last long. Last night we drove to Burgerville for blackberry milkshakes and boy was the a/c in our car a welcome relief--we don't have it at home!

Walking from the car into Burgerville already had me red in the face. My feet felt warm through my flip flops walking across the blacktop.

The kids were both in diapers, it was so hot. I thought I'd get more raised eyebrows if I let him go to Burgerville in briefs, which is what he usually wears during the day, so that's why he's wearing a diaper. The kids were too hot to wear clothes. In retrospect, a pair of swimming trunks would have been cooler than a diaper, but at least he was ready for bed when we got home around 7PM (he still wears them at night).

When we got home from Burgerville, I watered the plants and we cooled off with the hose. Sam played with my Sigg bottle and dumped water from it all over himself. These days, I water every night wearing Juniper, as she's pretty fussy in the evenings and won't stay inside with Landon if she knows I'm outside watering. Besides, Landon usually puts Sam to bed while I'm watering. The ERGO makes watering the garden with Juniper pretty easy, and she enjoys watching.

Sam had so much fun playing in the water that I let him stay up later than usual so he could cool off.

And he went to bed a happy little boy.


We celebrated my Dad's birthday today in McMinnville after attending a summer picnic for Landon's work. We all pitched in and got him a $100.00 gift card to Home Depot, one of his favorite stores. Happy 63rd (I mean 39th) Birthday, DAD!


Claudia said...

Looks like Sam had a good time!!
I like the pictures that Landon took!!
He got a perfect picture of Samuel with throwing the water in the air.

It was nice seeing you and the family on Dad's birthday!!
Love you,

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