Home Again

Monday, August 04, 2008

We're back from Pickathon. We've all had showers and are working on getting our house back in order. There is lots to do before we leave again for Sunriver later this week. I'm still recovering from packing up our campsite last night and hiking all the gear down to the car while wearing Juniper in the ERGO. Since Landon packed it all in, I thought I'd pack it out (what was I thinking?), and I overdid it a little, so my knees are pretty sore. Nonetheless, we had a great time! I've posted a link to pictures from Pickathon in the post below.

We had some issues with our new Nikon D40 (the lense was sticking and there was dust in the viewfinder), so we returned it and got a new D40 from a different camera store with an additional zoom lense. We also bought an extra flash, and stopped at Powell's to get a book on photography. Looking forward to using our new camera!


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