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Thursday, August 28, 2008

My Mom, Dad, and I in a picture taken for the Woodburn Independent Newspaper, because I was the first baby born in this city in the year of 1977. Oh, and yes, my Mom had just given birth a few days prior. She looks like she's a size 6 already!

My Dad took a turn for the better last night. His blood pressure went back up, his creatinin levels are returning to normal, and his kidneys are beginning to work again. It looks like he's going to pull through this. My Dad is tough; he can beat anything. 4% of people diagnosed with pancreatic cancer survive five years. My Dad is already in his fourth year post-diagnosis, and is considered to be cancer free now. To think he's now beat sepsis as well, which has a 50 to 60% mortality rate. Way to go, Dad--I knew you could do it!


The Ferriter Family said...

WOW I live that pic, and it really looks like your mom was a 6 or smaller, some woman have all the good luck (other wise known as DNA)....Also, glad to hear your dad is doing better. Not sure if you heard, but Justin's dad was in a really bad bike accident and is critical, so send a few prayers out!!

Jeremy said...

Awesome news Karli!

Katie Jervis Photography said...

fabulous, Karli... so happy for your dad and your family. And WONDERFUL PHOTO, I JUST LOVE IT.

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