Goal Reached: One Can a Month

Thursday, August 21, 2008
It's official! I've called our garbage service and we're now on a once a month pick-up plan for garbage, cutting our garbage bill nearly in half. Recycling will still be picked up weekly, and compost bi-monthly. It was a good feeling when garbage day had nearly arrived and I found our garbage bin completely empty. Right now, what is mostly headed to the landfill is cat litter and diapers. Everything else is being recycled, and we've also reduced the amount of recyclables we generate by purchasing cloth produce and sandwich bags from Reusable Bags. We're buying everything we can in bulk, and when we buy packaged items, we buy those that have the least amount of packaging and with packaging that can be recycled. This is called precycling. Going to one can a month was actually quite simple once I learned what can be recycled, then created an easy system for recycling in our basement.

Here's a story about a couple here in Portland who have gone to one garbage can a YEAR. Their story is inspiring and encouraging. I've also been reading No Impact Man, an eco-extremist named Colin Beavan who lives a no impact lifestyle in New York City along with his wife Michelle, their daughter Isabella, and their dog Frankie. His story is interesting, and there is good information and links to other green blogs on his site. Check it out!

We're off to an ice cream social at our community center this evening. There will be face painting, a rock wall, and ice cream, of course! I will post pictures tomorrow. Meanwhile, looks like the rain has moved on. Looking forward to the sun again. Summer isn't over yet!


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