Family Vacation in Sunriver, Oregon

Saturday, August 09, 2008
We had a great time in Sunriver. We went on a couple of bike rides, one of which was about three hours long. Samuel puts his left arm around his baby sister on bike rides--so cute!

One afternoon, Sam and I went swimming. He loves the pool, so I'm going to sign him up for swimming lessons in the fall.

He loved the slide, and I had fun catching him below!

Landon went for a walk one evening along the Dechutes River. He took some beautiful pictures.

My Dad made my Mom a pineapple/vodka/grenadine cocktail, although I can't remember the name of it. She really liked it! This picture was taken after a spaghetti/salad dinner I made for the family that night.

The hot tub wasn't very hot, and Sam spent about an hour each evening playing in it with his cousins, Ashton and Kaenan.

The day we went for a three hour bike ride, we stopped at Fort Rock Park so Sam could play on the playground there.

Juniper nursed herself to sleep for her morning nap while Sam played, then slept for the first part of the bike ride.

Our bike ride took us along the Dechutes River. It was such a beautiful and relaxing place to be.

I got off my bike here and was amazed at how quiet it was. We actually took our bikes off the bike trails of Sunriver, and rode along an old gravel road that ran parallel to the Dechutes. There weren't any other bikers out there, and you could only hear the birds. It was beautiful!

Later that afternoon, we went with my family to Mt. Bachelor, where we rode the ski lift to Pine Marten Lodge at 7,775 feet. Sam had a lot of fun riding the lift to the top. I secured Juni in the ERGO before I got onto the lift. I didn't want to take any chances.

A view of Broken Top Mountain (I think) from the Pine Marten Summit on Mount Bachelor.

My parents rode behind us on the lift on the way up. I was too afraid to turn around at first, but Landon snapped this photo. He's braver than I.

We passed these friendly people coming down on the lift. Peace!

Looking down from the Pine Marten Summit.

It was cold up there, and I kept Juniper extra warm with a wool blanket they gave me on the lift.

Sam loves snow for the first few minutes, then when his hands start to freeze, he starts to cry. This photo was taken before the crying started.

It was cold up there, so we didn't stay long before starting our descent to the bottom.

When we got off the lift, Sam said, "Mommy, that was really fun!" My parents took us kids on this lift about twenty years ago, and I remember thinking it was pretty fun, too.

On the way home, we stopped at the stables, then went for a walk in a field near the airport to search for prairie dogs.

The prairie dogs were shy, however, so we only saw a few from a distance as they scurried into their underground tunnels. Once home, they didn't come out again until we had long departed.

Sam and Landon, out for a walk where the prairie dogs live.


Jeremy said...

Wow... I am always so amazed and impressed by how much you guys do with the kids. Our trip to Sunriver was a little more... lazy. :-)

What beautiful pictures!!! I love your new camera!

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