August Rain

Wednesday, August 20, 2008
The first day of rain following our recent heat wave was a welcome relief, but by today my mood is starting to be affected by the dark skies and pouring rain. After all, it's August, and I'm no where near ready to consider summer over, especially since Portland has so far only had five weeks of sun (June was mostly all rain).

We've had little choice but to play indoors this week. Sam got a camera from his Grandpa, who volunteers at Free Geek, and was able to pick one up for $10.00. It's an old Fujifilm digital that is easy to use, and is great for learning the basics. Sam really enjoys taking pictures, and he's been expressing an interest in cameras for awhile. Now that he has his own camera, he seems to take pride in knowing how it works and takes the time to figure out how to use it correctly.

Landon took this shot, and I must say the living room actually looks pretty orderly here. Between the two of them, Sam and Juni are able to turn the living room into a cyclone disaster area within minutes, and that's no exaggeration.

And so the rain continues. This afternoon, we are going to make pine cone bird feeders, because it's easy and fun. Usually we do indoor crafts like this in the winter, but here we are, living in a city that manages to be rainy and grey even in August. At least we won't let the weather prevent us from having fun!


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