What Happens When You Don't Believe in Birth Control

Monday, July 14, 2008
Well, Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar have announced that baby #18 is on the way. Their family is pretty much run like a summer camp that never ends. They just might be able to pop out a few more before she finally hits menopause. Seriously, I have to admit for a family of almost twenty, and judging only by their blog, they are doing a great job. I'm not quite sure how they do it, but I'll try to stop feeling overwhelmed with two now!


Annagrace said...

It's true--in terms of organization and sheer effort and willpower (not to mention marketing themselves as a brand) they put the rest of us to shame. On the other hand, this is the one time I think that urban legend about fallen uteri (that's the plural, right?) has something to it...I can only imagine what my insides would look like. And I love children and I LOVE my girls but I think about the time number 6 came along I would need to be on some good drugs...

Betsy said...

Really, they have several almost adults to help with the cooking, cleaning, laundry and even home-schooling the younger children. I could raise that many kids if I had that much full time, free help! Not knocking them at all...but I remember my OWN mom saying that if she could have had teenagers first to help when the kids were little, she totally would have!

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