Washington, DC

Sunday, June 29, 2008
Washington, DC is now on my list of top cities to live in! I think Portland and Vancouver, BC are the other two on my list. We had a great time in Washington, but it was a lot of work hauling the two kids up and down the Mall and to the various monuments and memorials. We left our hotel in Philly around 10AM, ran into maid-of-honor Gena, her husband Dan, and baby Gabby at the 3rd and Arch Starbucks, then headed south.

When we reached DC, we had to get off to a good start as we had less than three days. Today, Day 1, we visited the Washington Monument, the WWII Memorial, the Lincoln Memorial, the Vietnam Veterans Memorial, the White House, walked around the Tidal Basin to the FDR Memorial, then to the Jefferson Memorial, then walked back down the National Mall to the Metro station, where we got on a train to the Foggy Bottom Neighborhood, where we walked an additional mile back to our hotel.

Driving from Philadelphia to DC, we were waiting to pay toll in Baltimore, MD. Here is a view of shipyards in Baltimore from the freeway. Maybe this is where parts of Season 2 of "The Wire" were filmed?

After checking into our hotel in DC, we took the Metrorail to the National Mall, where we found the Smithsonian Folklife Festival in full swing. Hello, I didn't come to Washington to go to another Folklife Festival! We quickly bypassed it and headed for the Washington Monument.

And here we are, just east of the Washington Monument.

With Samuel and Juniper in front of the Lincoln Memorial. I love Juniper's little 4th of July outfit.

We walked all the way around the Lincoln Memorial. Facing east, the Washington Memorial can be seen (this is behind the Lincoln Memorial).

To see more pictures of our trip to Washington, DC, go to my Picasa Web Albums.


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