To Mix or Not to Mix?

Saturday, July 05, 2008
For years my parents have debated about whether or not to serve spaghetti with the sauce mixed in or over the top. Tonight I made spaghetti and couldn't figure out how I wanted to serve it. I think I like it both ways, but one benefit to not mixing pasta and sauces together is that in the event you boil too much pasta, you can make sure you have enough sauce to cover if you put it over the top. Of course, you can also slowly add the pasta to the sauce until you have the right amount. I'm pretty sure the traditional way is to serve spaghetti with the sauce over the top, but I could be wrong. How do you like your spaghetti?


Flabbergasted said...

I always mix the sauce in the with spaghetti. When I went to college, that was the first time I ever had sauce put on top of the spaghetti.

Anonymous said...

While I was growing up it was always served separately, partially because I was a vegetarian and had separate sauce from my parents, and because even when I was meat-eating I liked a different sauce to noodles ratio.

However, now I mix it all together because Joel apparently does NOT like them separate.

Claudia said...

As you said Karli, we have always debated over it. I always thought, for left-over purposes, it was easier to heat up in the microwave if it was all together.

Back when we went to a lot of church BBQ's when I was growing up it was easier to just mix it all together and put on the table.

I am also a fan of putting cheese all over the top of my spaghetti.

Dad always liked it on top.
So, over the years I have come to like it that way. One of our favorite places to eat at Depoe Bay is an Italian Place and it is on top and it is wonderful!

I think it is much to the liking of the person.

The Ferriter Family said...

Of course being part Italian, I would have to say it depends on the sauce!! White, mixed...Red Meat Sauce on top....and Plain red on top, yet if you serve an all veggie sauce you should mix it in...yummmmmmm. I love pasta!!!

Betsy said...

I serve it on top so it looks all cute. Also, sometimes my boys just want 'noodles' instead of spaghetti, so it makes for an easy lunch with chicken and a little parmesean chease the next day. Great question!

Anonymous said...

Wow...I thought my husband and I were the only ones that debated this! :) I like it on top and Steven mixes it all together! But now that I usually eat whole wheat (he doesn't like it) I get to put my sauce on top...then he mixes the rest together with his pasta :) Problem solved! :)

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