Styrofoam Recycling in Portland

Thursday, July 24, 2008

All it takes to fill a garbage bin sometimes is a web or catalog order. Our new medicine cabinet from Restoration Hardware arrived yesterday, and I had no idea what to do with the packing material. In the past, I have put a little into our garbage can each week until it is gone, but I've recently become more aware of what our family is throwing away, and this has been a huge motivator to educate myself each time I'm unsure of where to recycle materials.

With a quick google search, the first link that came up was to Enviromom with the following information on styrofoam recycling (these women are amazing):

Pacific Land Clearing & Recycling in N. Portland will accept clean styrofoam blocks, cups and trays for FREE. 4404 N. Suttle Road, Portland, 503-285-8777. Drop-off hours: 6am - 6pm.

While I'm in N. Portland this afternoon, I also plan to drop our old medicine cabinet off at The Rebuilding Center.

What a good feeling! Replaced a medicine cabinet (new one looks great!) and didn't generate any trash!

And one more thing . . .

Welcome to the world, Adeleine Caoimhe! July 23rd--what a great birthday!
Way to go, Annagrace--I can't wait to meet your new daughter and hear all about her waterbirth.


Jeremy said...

Thanks for the information. Now I won't have an excuse!

And yes...welcome little Adeleine!

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