Sprinklers and Sangria

Wednesday, July 16, 2008
I picked up a sprinkler today at Lowe's so Samuel could have some good old-fashioned summer fun in our backyard.

And what a great time he had outrunning that moving sprinkler this afternoon.

My clematis transplant from our Pasadena House. Still hanging on after all these years . . . and this year, a bloom!

One of my favorite things about this summer--Juniper's bare baby feet. She laughed and made noises while watching Samuel from a safe distance.

Starting to wind down after an hour of running through the sprinkler.

Samuel has been helping me water this week. I thought it might be easier to use the sprinkler instead of holding the hose, but I quickly abandoned that idea after seeing how much water was wasted in the process, and how long I had to let it run in order to water the plants sufficiently. Fortunately, I picked up a new garden hose today that works great, so watering didn't take nearly so long this evening.

And nothing like a cold summer sangria at the end of a hot summer day well-spent.

I made a pitcher tonight from Martha Stewart's August edition of Living. and they were strong. Hmmm, guess that's what happens when you soak fruit in vodka and mix it with a good Sauvignon blanc. I was only able to drink half a glass, and left the rest with Mike and Susan (Landon's parents). Guess I'm a light-weight these days, or need to use a sangria recipe with less alcohol next time! Those apple, orange, and plum slices soaked in vodka were intense (the picture speaks for itself!). Samuel snapped this one just before I called it quits on the sangria.

Here's to more summer fun!


Anonymous said...

It's good to read yet another mother is having a feet fetish just like me. I couldn't stop watching and kissing my 12 weeks old son's feet which was kicking me all the time inside the womb. The kicking continues still and he has learnt to communicate well with is feet. When I hold him , he kicks my belly like a jockey kicking the horse ,signalling me to walk . He loves us holding him and taking a stroll inside our house. He specially loves visiting our kitchen.

Jeremy said...

Oh that sounds so nice. Sangrias...

I love the pic of her feet. So sweet! And Samuel looks like he had so much fun in the sprinkler.

Ian had a blast with him the other night too. We should do it again soon!

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