Priscilla Awaits Adoption

Sunday, July 27, 2008

Our cat, Priscilla, born in July, 2001, is such a sweet cat, but she doesn't get nearly enough attention these days, and it's causing her to feel depressed. She sleeps all day, and only gets up to eat, which has caused her to become very overweight. In addition, she gets agitated when Juniper or Samuel are making too much noise, and has lately been trying to bite Juniper when she's crying. The other day, she scratched Samuel because he didn't pet her when she wanted him to. I'm thinking she needs to be in a home where there isn't a lot of noise or children, and where she gets at least a small amount of attention, which she rarely gets these days. She's a very loving cat, but I think her time in our house is going to have to come to an end if I can find the right home for her. I've always taken great care of her, and even used to drive her out to Clackamas so she could see one of the best vets in the area (now she sees whoever is working at our local Banfield Vet Hospital). I checked into adopting her out through the Oregon Humane Society, but then thought better of it when I found out they have more cats than ever awaiting adoption and a long waiting list of more than 300 people waiting to bring their cats in. Before I go through the Humane Society, I need to try harder to adopt her out myself. I took this picture to list her on craigslist, but unfortunately, I forgot to resize the file, and my post, which took me about fifteen minutes to write, was lost when an error message came up. Landon has told me so many times to compose in Word, but I never do, and sometimes I get unlucky and lose a post.

We had grocery shopping to do this afternoon, and since I feel so guilty about looking for a home for Priscilla when the Oregon Humane Society is overflowing with kittens and cats that need good homes, we decided to support them by buying lunch at a benefit barbeque at New Seasons for the Humane Society. A $6.00 lunch included a hot dog with lots of delicious relishes and sauces to choose from, Kettle chips, crunchy coleslaw, ice-cold soda, juice, or water, and a tasty cookie. All New Seasons' quality products, and 100% of the proceeds went to the Humane Society. They didn't even take a cut to pay their two employees to do the work. New Seasons never stops impressing me with their community awareness and friendly staff.

If you're considering adopting a cat or dog, the Humane Society is the place to go! But if you think Priscilla is too cute to pass up, I promise to donate $100.00 to the Humane Society if you adopt her instead. If you already own a cat or dog, please spay and neuter--there are just too many homeless animals out there to risk producing more!


Unknown said...

Oh I so, SO wish we could take Priscilla! I'm seriously in LOVE with that cat, but we DO have a VERY loud toddler and another bundle on the way, I doubt she'd be much happier with us, even though we'd cherish her. (My allergies on the other hand would not, and neither would our feelings toward litter boxes, etc)

I hope you are able to find her a good home because she seems like one of the sweetest cats I've encountered!

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