PDX to PHL to Hyatt Hell

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Long day! After a two hour layover in Seattle, and a three hour time difference, we finally made it to Philly. Traveling with two kids, two carseats, luggage, and two strollers is no easy feat. Once we arrived, we still had to pick up our rental, which meant taking a shuttle. As soon as I stepped out of the airport, I was greeted with a wave of hot and humid air. Nothing like going from air conditioning to a new city's climate instantaneously! Back to the rental car--we had a reservation for an economy sized car, but they didn't have any left, so they "upgraded" us to a SUV. With gas at well over $4.00/gal., we considered this to be a downgrade, but it was already nearly midnight EST, so we took what they had and tried not to think about how much it was going to cost us at the pump to fill up.

While loading our luggage into the SUV, Landon noticed two of our bags were leaking. I always pack toiletries in their own bag, but since this was a week-long trip and we were a little short on luggage, I had put medicine and toiletries together. I hadn't realized that part of those toiletries had been placed inside Landon's duffel bag when he packed his bag early that morning. It was that bag that was leaking, as well as our toiletry bag. Thinking it probably wasn't going to be a big deal, I told Landon that I'd take care of it when we got to the hotel, so off we went.

We arrived shortly after midnight at the Hyatt on Penn's Landing, a four-star hotel I landed through Priceline for $100.00 a night. I couldn't even find B & B's in the area for that price! Anyway, after the porter helped us with our luggage and had been tipped, Landon left me in the room with the kids and the luggage while he went and parked our SUV. I took this moment to open the leaking luggage, knowing full well that both kids were seconds away from meltdowns. I felt my chest seize up in a panic attack as soon as I opened Landon's duffel bag (which was actually my special duffel bag from Eddie Bauer, purchased for $35.00 the summer I was 19 and drove cross-country with my old friend Jenn Adams in her Ford). Nail polish was shattered and had leaked out into the bag, and my brand new bottle of Aveda confixor was completely missing its cap and all its contents had emptied out onto Landon's clothes. Fortunately, the nail polish had only found its way to three items--Landon's year-old Keens, his belt, and his swimming trunks. The duffel bag was destroyed. I then opened the toiletry bag and shampoo, baby soap, and witch hazel had emptied out, the new medicine travel container I'd made an extra trip for to ensure all vitamins and pills each had their own place had broken open as well, so liquids met pills, quickly dissolving them all over toothbrushes, makeup, and every other bottle in the bag. I quickly started rinsing what I could in the bathtub, but then the kids started crying, and everything was one big mess with a lot of screaming and crying to boot. Then I started crying. That helped (said with sarcasm). Landon returned to find everyone crying, and the contents of his bag strewn across the room with some of those contents soaking in the bathtub. Next thing I knew, the manager of this 4-star hotel was knocking on the door with a noise complaint of screaming kids. Yah, that was just what we needed at that point.

Once we got the kids to sleep, I stood up and Landon just hugged me. That's all we could do at that point. We went into the bathroom and surveyed the damage. We decided worst case we'd buy new shoes and a belt for Landon, new hair gel for me (no you DON'T want to see my hair cut short without hair products), as well as replace all the other lost or damaged items, and best case, I'd buy some nail polish remover and try to get the nail polish off the shoes and belt. The swimming trunks had to be thrown out, as well as my faithful duffel bag (there was broken glass and an entire bottle of nail polish inside). A few of Landon's shirts and his pair of slacks for the wedding were soaked with Aveda confixor, so I finished rinsing those items out, hung them to dry in the room, rinsed all the toiletries and arranged them nicely around the bathroom, dried the counter and the bathroom floor, and collapsed into bed after a long day of travel, trying not to cry myself to sleep over something as silly as not getting to enjoy the 4-star suite nearly as much as I'd fantasized I would. I had actually pictured myself blogging on free Wi-Fi while facing the Delaware and the city lights of Philly, the kids and Landon sound asleep, sipping on a room service cocktail of my choice...

With the help of Melatonin, I was asleep before I knew it.


Annagrace said...

Oh man, what a night. You deserved a very big drink after this! How come this sort of thing is more likely to happen AFTER we have kids, not before?

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