Philadelphia, 3rd and Arch, and New Jersey BBQ

Thursday, June 26, 2008

Still on Portland time, we all awoke at noon EST, realizing we had time to go for a short walk and get coffee before heading across the Delaware to a BBQ at Cindy's parents' house at 2PM. It was hot and humid, and by the time we walked up to 2nd and Market from the hotel, I was more than ready for some coffee, but there wasn't a coffee shop in sight. I get spoiled with coffee shops on every other block in Portland, so when I travel, I am always surprised when I have this conversation with someone:

Karli: Hello, could you tell me where I can find a coffee shop?

Random Pedestrian: Yes, they have coffee at that diner right across the street.

The conversation is then over, and I am left to drink drip coffee that tastes like dirt or drink nothing at all. I usually opt for the latter.

This morning, however, there was an additional sentence added on, which made me want to grab this particular gentleman and kiss him right on the lips.

Yes, they have coffee at "Snow White Restaurant" across the street . . . or . . . there's a Starbucks on 3rd and Arch if you don't mind walking a few blocks.

3rd and Arch--it was music to my ears. This would become my air-conditioned, iced-vanilla latte haven from the streets of Philadelphia (try not to get that lame Bruce Springsteen song in your head like I did). We headed there each morning before walking Old City and beyond for breakfast and coffee. On this morning, however, there wasn't a lot of time for sight seeing, so we went for a brief walk to get a feel for the area, then headed back to the hotel to get ready for the BBQ.

It was so good to see Cindy, meet her parents, and to see where she grew up. Her room is still set up the way it was when she left home, and she showed me a big butterfly on her bedroom wall that she painted when she was in highschool (Cindy loves butterflies). She showed me her wedding dress and the jewelry she made for the bridesmaids and her Mom.

Samuel was so excited when he discovered fireflies in the backyard, and spent a good amount of time chasing them around. Unfortunately, he had a rough encounter with the wooden seat of a swing and it looks like he might have a black eye. He fell a couple of times in various places, and it seemed every time I turned around he was crying from another bump or bruise. In this picture, though, he is happily chasing fireflies.

Cindy and I, looking a little hot, but trying to stay cool inside her Mother's sun porch.

After watching the wedding rehearsal, we headed back to the Hyatt and took Samuel and Juniper for a little swim in the pool (yes, we're still on Portland time). I brought Samuel's inflatable fish tube so he could float on it, and Juniper looked adorable in her little bathing suit.

Once we got back to the room, we were able to relax a little more tonight, and I was able to get the nail polish out of Landon's shoes and off his belt after purchasing a bottle of nail polish remover from the hotel. Now we just need to get some hair gel for me (as you can see in the above photo, I'm making do with tying my hair back for now), and pick up some of the medicine (Tylenol, Ibu) that was dissolved in Aveda confixor at a drugstore.

Looking forward to exploring Philly tomorrow, starting with 3rd and Arch!


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