Paper Pile, Interrupted!

Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Paper piles stress me out, so they are rare around my house, but this magazine pile, which I started sometime before we left for the east coast is now setting off my internal stress alarm. I have declared tonight a night for reading magazines. It's too hot to do much else, and I've already become overwhelmed with deciding on a paint color for the kitchen. I hid the trashy ones, as there is at least one In Touch and, okay, maybe an US Magazine, too. You know you're looking at a night of simple reading when you see a spread entitled "Just Like Us!" There, you will find that stars (just like us) drink from water bottles, pay parking meters, go for walks, and even talk on their cell phones! Amazing!

Actually, I do have some great magazines in there that I'm looking forward to reading. Magazines like Fine Gardening, Portland Monthly, This Old House, and Mothering.

Oh, and one more thing--paper piles only stress me out at my house, not at yours!


Claudia said...

Your comment~~~~Oh, and one more thing--paper piles only stress me out at my house, not at yours! ~~~ makes me feel better about mine.......but they stress me out also!! It's like taxes to me -- it just grates on me.
I just cleaned up mine this morning.
Your magazine~~This Old House -- sounds like it would be nice.
Dad is not a fix-er-up-er but I love to watch This Old House on TV.
I LOVE the old houses they fix up!!

Aviva said...

Man, you should see the HUGE stack of magazines waiting to be read on the floor next to my bed. :) :)

I'm a horrible paper piler upper, and I've corrupted Scott too. It's horrible. Wish we could break the habit.

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