Wednesday, July 09, 2008
I left my car unlocked yesterday at Fred Meyer, only because I didn't think anyone would want to steal a diaper bag. I was right. But I had forgotten about my change drawer, which someone ripped out and emptied, all 29 pennies or so that were in there, as well as some dimes and quarters. I know it was only some loose change, but it still upset me that someone had been in the car. Stealing is one of those things for which I have just about zero tolerance. But, it was nice to get rid of all the pennies, I guess, and they didn't take anything else. Maybe they had enough for a beer or a cigarette. But can they really enjoy the beer knowing they robbed a Mom with two kids? I hope they felt at least some remorse, but I know, I know...most likely not.

Went to Urban Outfitters the other day, and Samuel had an accident slightly under a clothing rack. I went up to the counter and told an employee, a young girl with short hair in her early to mid-twenties, about the small puddle on their concrete floor. She stared at me blankly and said, "You're going to help us clean it up, AREN'T YOU?" I was a little taken off guard, but said, "Of course I will." She tried to explain herself. "You know, TECHNICALLY, we aren't supposed to touch that stuff." Then she looked down and saw Juniper, apparently felt sorry for me, and said, "You know, I'm going to let you off the hook THIS time, since you have your hands full, but in the future, you need to clean it up yourself." I was so annoyed, but for some reason, I said, "Are you sure, because it's not a problem. If you bring out a mop, I can clean it up." She said no, that she'd take care of it, and it was only as I was walking out of the store that I thought of all the things I SHOULD have said. Why I kept a pleasant voice inflection and still bought the shirt is anyone's guess. What's interesting is that at New Season's a few weeks ago, when Samuel threw up, the store manager told me when I insisted on cleaning it up myself that they are trained and want the area completely sanitized, so that they prefer to clean it up themselves. They were so accommodating that I took that experience and hoped for similar treatment at U.O. I had to make a conscious effort not to let that experience ruin my morning, and called the one person I knew I could count on to hear me out--my Mom! She told me all the things I wanted to hear, like it was her problem, and she probably doesn't have any kids, and is most likely too self-centered to worry about anyone else but herself. JUST what I needed to hear. I felt better almost immediately. Until Samuel had another accident in his carseat. Then I didn't know who to call!

Our neighbor hired a canine search and rescue professional to track down her missing cat. She stood crying in her driveway for thirty minutes when they found the site a few blocks away where it had been killed and eaten by a raccoon. It amazes me that those dogs can pinpoint one cat's scent in a neighborhood full of cats, dogs, wild animals, and humans.

Then there was the tragedy in my parent's beautiful backyard pond. They had over thirty koi in there that were about twelve to thirteen years old. Well, the filter malfunctioned big time and by morning, the entire pond had drained to the ground. By the time my Dad woke up in the morning, it was empty, and all the koi were lost. Surprisingly, their largest slowly came to once they started refilling the pond. It's gills slowly started moving, and with a lot of care, it has survived. Four babies also made it, but thirty-one others perished. My parents are really devastated. My Dad had to use a wheelbarrow to haul them all away. It was a sad day for them, and just one day after their thirty-second wedding anniversary. Today they purchased 19 babies, but it will be another decade or so before they reach the size of the ones they lost.

I promise this wasn't supposed to be a negative post, but Landon just dropped his ipod down the basement stairs, and it is making a strange sound and all that is displayed on the screen is a frown face with a note to contact Apple support.

Some things I'm thinking about this week:
--New paint for the kitchen--would love suggestions!
--Purchasing a food processor.
--How much I'd love a Nikon D80 and Photoshop installed on my Mac.
--Ways to be more creative personally, for my kids, and in the house and garden (blogs like Soule Mama inspire me). I just might take up sewing.


Claudia said...

Oh my!!!! I relived it all over again!! I am so upset about that girl. That is so rude, and unprofessional of her. Things like that happan all of the time ( they did at our store also and WE ALWAYS cleaned up the messes) and I think she is just a young, unexperienced, unthoughtful girl that is not married or does not have kids and is selfish wish the attitude nowdays that -- I am not going to do ANYTHING that I don't have to do!!!
Not everyone is like that nowdays, and I'm so glad that I never raised you kids to be that way!! You are a very caring person, Karli!!
Sorry about Landon's computer!!! Not fun at all!!!

Yes, it WAS VERY SAD avout the KOI!!! But the little ones are cute. The sole one that survived (which Dad and I at totally shocked it did-- and that took a lot of caring for it) anyway he is very lonely with his friends gone!!! He is starting to warm up to the four little ones that were on the bottom of the tack and survived. They are only about three inches and so small next to him.
Love you all,
Your Mommy

Min and Jen said...

frankly, I would be calling tomorrow and asking to speak to the manager to relay your experience. Your business is only as good as your employees!

Kerrie said...

Hi Karli,

Thanks for all the lovely comments while we were on our trip. It is good to be home.

Your East coast pictures are great! I'm glad you all had a nice time.

Our next big trip will be less ambitious. I'm hoping we can get up your way next summer and then up to Seattle to visit my family there.

By the way, we researched cameras before our trip and went with the Nikon D-40. We bought the stability control lens separately. We're going to upgrade to the lens with the best zooming capability eventually. Dan wasn't sure there was enough of a difference between the D40 and the D80 for us - since we are such novice photographers. The Nikon cameras are great though.

Take care,

Aviva said...

hey Karli,

I did want to point out that the difference between UO and New Seasons is that New Seasons has different health code standards to live up to and that's why they would want to be sure to get everything perfectly sanitized so they don't get busted if a health inspector shows up.

As far as I know, Urban Outfitters doesn't serve any food so they don't have the same concerns.

Not that that excuses the rudeness of the salesgirl. I really really really encourage you to call the store manager and tell him/her about your experience. It's not like Samuel was an adult who *chose* to have an accident in the store. He's a kid, for crying out loud, and a young one at that.

If they can't handle parents with young kids in the store, and the things that happen when young kids are involved, then they should hire a bouncer to card people at the door and not allow young kids in. :P Seriously, I think that's almost as bad as the airline that kicked off the mom who was breastfeeding her kid. Yeah, the store clerk was probably a teenager or young 20s kid who was disgusted at the idea of cleaning up pee on the floor, but tough luck. Shit happens.

And she's just lucky that someone's baby, put on the ground to explore a little, didn't have a blow out diaper that left poop all over her precious floor!! :)

Hang in there!!

Jeremy said...

I can't believe your things were stolen out of your car! It's amazing how it happens the one time you don't lock up.

That's so sad about your parent's koi and your neighbors cat. How tragic!

I bought my food processor from Kitchen Kaboodle and I'm really happy with it.

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