New Tent: I See Camping in my Future

Thursday, July 03, 2008
Landon is off this weekend to Fiddle Tunes, or the Festival of American Fiddle Tunes, to be exact, in Port Townsend. He put off getting a room for too long, and everything was pretty much booked, so he decided to camp there with some of his friends. We've been talking about camping for awhile, but we didn't have any gear, so he made a trip this afternoon to REI. He came home with a tent, a couple pillows, a sleeping bag, and a mat. He set up the tent in the backyard tonight, and Samuel was in REI Heaven. He always plays in the tents when we shop there. Even Juniper waved her chubby arms around and seemed pleased with his new purchase.

So Landon will leave tomorrow, and I'll be on my own with the kids this weekend. Samuel has a birthday party to go to on Sunday, and we'll spend the 4th in St. Helens with my friend Amy, who has a house right on the Columbia, the perfect place for watching fireworks. The next best place is our neighborhood, where people come from all over and park and all the neighbors have parties to watch the fireworks in Sellwood from their own backyards.

Now that we finally have a tent, this means we'll be doing more camping. I'm not sure what this is going to be like with a six month old AND a three year old, not to mention my own issues with camping, but hey, it will definitely make life more interesting. Our first camping trip will be the first week of August for Pickathon. We've wanted to attend this music festival for a long time, and we finally decided to make it happen. I hope it will be fun (the camping part, that is).

I grew up camping, but in a tent trailer. I'm not as accustomed to camping in a tent. I have a lot of good memories from camping as a kid, though, so I'm hoping to create some of those childhood memories for my kids. Now that we're over the hurdle and finally have a tent, we can start thinking about campsites that are family friendly. I think if we can actually drive up to the campsite, it will make things so much easier. One day I'd like to hike in, but not until the kids are a little older and require a lot less stuff when traveling.

A closer view of a bloom from my Lavatera along the back porch. My neighbor just transplanted theirs on one of those super hot days last week, and it was wilting, so they were going to throw it out, but I said I'd take it. I think it will come back next year. I'm going to try to get it going along the banister on our front porch. I plan to plant it tomorrow, on the 4th of July!


Claudia said...


I'm glad you have some good memories with camping. I have some good memories of that also.
Remember those delicious home made maple bars we would get at the office sometimes!!
I like camping ~~ love roasted marshmellows~~ and the fun that goes with it BUT I could not handle sleeping on the ground anymore.

Robby and Sara bought a HUGE tent.~~~ It has three huge compartments that will sleep a queen size aire mattress and then a large round area in the middle that you can put a large table for playing games, eating, etc.
They just love camping and have been camping with her parents at least twice since they bought it.

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