7 Months

Thursday, July 10, 2008
Juniper turned 7 months old today. She is a happy baby, loves to watch and interact with Sam, nurses to sleep for naps and at night, seems content to sit and play with what is around her (still not crawling!), and sleeps deepest between the hours of 11PM and 3AM, but seems to wake up every hour or two after that to nurse back to sleep. She is happiest during the morning and early afternoon, but gets a little fussier in the evenings. She cut both her lower central incisors, and is now working on a third. She likes baby food, but hasn't quite figured out how to open her mouth. She kind of quickly opens and shuts it long before the spoon reaches her mouth. I plan to order a food processor this week, then will begin making her baby food myself. Although I couldn't go anywhere without a pacifier for the first four months of her life, she now throws it if you give her one. We're still cosleeping, and loving every minute of it (well, almost).

Samuel had a playdate this morning, and had lots of fun with bubbles and sand with his new friend, Evan.

I'm going to have to get him one of those.

Evan and Samuel playing in a cardboard fort.

Sam's favorite toy of Evan's was a large snake from OMSI. Evan had several toys that were new to Samuel, and he had such a good time that it was hard on him when it was time to go. He told me on the way home that he wanted to stay at Evan's house for a week. I told him he would miss me if he were gone for a week to which he replied, "No, I wouldn't!" Nice.

After playing at Evan's, I took the kids to New Season's for some much-needed groceries. I haven't restocked the kitchen since our trip out east, and although my good friend Jen brought me some basics last week (along with an iced vanilla latte!), those basics have now dwindled--it was time to do some shopping.

Here are the kids before I started shopping. Still wondering to myself if this was to be a good or bad shopping experience.

Look at these silly kids. Always making each other laugh.

The shopping trip actually went well, but with the two kids, it takes twice as long (two hours), and is pretty energy-depleting. I saved a trip out to Target for later in the evening with Juniper once Landon was home to watch Samuel.

Sam took a few pictures of Juniper and I--his request! He said he wanted to take a few in a row. When we were on our trip out east, he told me he wanted to be a photographer when he grows up, but today when I asked him what he wanted to be, he said, "I want to be a Daddy, Mommy. Then I can pick up Juniper and give her back to you when she cries." Hmmm. Seems as though he's been watching Landon's parenting style a little too closely!

My 7 month girl. Still growing chubbier by the day. I didn't know rolls could form on shoulders, but Juniper is proof that this is possible. Her little shoulders are probably the most adorable things I have ever seen.

BREAKING NEWS: Samuel is now drinking water. Catch is that you have to tell him it's "fountain water." That's the only water he likes (apparently).


Anonymous said...

I love these pics! Juniper is such a doll. The pictures of the two kids shopping are adorable.

Miss you! Erin

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