Let's Pretend

Monday, July 07, 2008
The theme of Sam's summer camp this week is "Let's Pretend," so it was perfect timing that he brought home a safari hat from Dylan's party yesterday. He wore it to school, where we found a big pile of dress up clothes. I don't know how much Samuel participated with dress-up, but he sure likes his safari hat!

Picture Samuel took of me on the way out the door to summer camp. I asked him on our trip what he wants to do when he grows up, and he said he wants to take pictures. He's getting a little better so we're thinking about buying him a camera built for kids so he can practice more than he's able to with our camera. When he's a little older, one of our friends gave us their old digital camera that he can use. He'll be uploading to his own computer and editing in Photoshop before I know it!

While Samuel was at camp, Juniper slept for two hours! It was such a nice break!


Annagrace said...

2 hours--so nice!

Claudia said...

That's a nice picture of you....he needed a little more of your head but nice smile.
Where is Samuel's NICE smile??!
Was he tired? I like his hat!

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