Learning to Pedal

Tuesday, July 15, 2008
Samuel learned the skill of balance on his Kettler children's bike, which does not have pedals, last summer. In fact, he learned the skill a little too well, and ended up cruising down a steep hill, which went down as the scariest experience as parents Landon and I have had to date. So, the balance part of bicycling has been mastered, but he still isn't sure how to pedal, so I picked up a Radio Flyer Tricycle this afternoon so he could practice. Next summer, we're hoping to put Juniper in the Burley, and get Sam going on a third wheel attachment, so we can start going on family bike rides a little more regularly again. I'd put the two kids in the Burley together, but I have a feeling that wouldn't work out too well, plus the weight might be a bit much for one person to pull.

Samuel working on pedaling uphill.

Trying to get some momentum going.

Samuel did great. I think he's finally old enough that coordination comes a lot quicker than it did for him last year, when I couldn't seem to get him to pedal no matter how many times I showed him how to do it!

After spending some time on the tricycle, it was time to clean out Daisy's aquarium. She's still doing great, and we found out the other two crawfish taken home by two other kids from the boil we attended in mid-June are also alive and well.

We feed her lettuce and fish food, or little scraps here and there (turns out she likes pickles!). We don't have a filter on her aquarium, so I clean it out every day or so, but overall, she's an easy pet, and Samuel seems to be having a lot of fun with her!


Jeremy said...

I love the new tricycle! Ian's had a small one for the past year and just this summer started peddling. It was so fun to see. And Daisy is so cute!

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