Friday, July 04, 2008

I wondered if Juniper would be afraid of the fireworks, but she did great. I don't think she cried once, although she got a little fussy towards the end (11:30PM), which was way past her bedtime!

Here are Samuel and Allie. They were born only five days apart. Amy and I were belly buddies back in 2004. We used to work together at Providence Hospital, but when she was pregnant, she was living in San Francisco, and we would keep in touch over e-mail. As first timers with the whole pregnancy thing, we'd e-mail each other constantly about various pregnancy-related topics.

There is an old cherry tree nearby, so there were lots of cherries for everyone! Samuel loved them! Here he is enjoying a hot dog while Allie feasts on cherries.


Claudia said...

Those cherries look delicious!!! It looks like I could just reach right in and take one!!
Samuel sure had a good time!

Jeremy said...

How fun! I love that picture of you and Juniper Karli!

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