Wednesday, July 02, 2008
It's great to be home again. This is one of my favorite weeks of the year in my garden, when my patch of bee balm (Monarda) is in full bloom, just in time for the 4th of July.

The hummingbirds haven't been by our hanging feeder lately, because the nectar from these blooms is so much better.

The suitcases have been unpacked, the house is clean (at least today), and the kids are happy to be in their familiar surroundings once again.

Yarrow is a favorite perennial of mine. It's spreading now, and there are several clumps growing on the south bank of my garden.

The refrigerator is empty, but the kids are so tired from our long trip home yesterday that we didn't make it to the grocery store. In fact, whenever I put Juniper down, she cries and cries.

Various sedums along the border of the south garden are in full bloom right now.

This is my favorite place in the garden, which in part is a replication of an old favorite place from my first garden on Pasadena Street. This is the one spot in my garden that I wouldn't want to change.

Some of these sedums were taken from the front yard of a century old house in our neighborhood that was recently moved to make way for two monster houses that now tower over it. We were able to save several of them before the lot was bulldozed.

The sedums love this dry place in full sun, and grow happily amongst the rocks.

The bee balm stand tall and nod hello to passing cars and pedestrians.

And along the banister leading to our back porch, a young lavatera subtly reaches out in all directions. By next year, it will most likely have doubled in size.

I always feel at home in my garden.


Min and Jen said...

gee, I was getting worried about you, I had no idea you guys were going to be gone. Cindy Lou looked beautiful and happy, I am thrilled for her. Seeing those pictures made me miss you guys.

love to you all, loved reading about your trip!


Jeremy said...

I love pictures of your garden. Your flowers are gorgeous!

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