Happy 4th of July!

Friday, July 04, 2008
Today was a long, but fun, day! Landon left around 1PM for Fiddle Tunes, and I took Samuel to the only place I could find that was opened today--Fred Meyer--for a small aquarium for his crawfish, Daisy. She's thriving and is now officially a family pet, so she needed an upgrade to a decent habitat, as she's been living in a small sand bucket for the past three weeks. We no sooner arrived home when my parents stopped in for a surprise visit, and we ended up going out to dinner with them at Newport Bay before heading to St. Helens for a BBQ and fireworks.

Samuel laughed and laughed in delight when the fireworks started up.

We watched in my friend Amy's backyard, whose house sits right along the Columbia River.

There were lots of kids there, and Samuel had fun playing on their large property that is completely fenced in, as well as in their sandbox!


Claudia said...

So fun to see you and the kids today!! Juniper is getting so big so fast. They do at that age!

Unknown said...


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