Birthday Party!

Sunday, July 06, 2008
One of Samuel's friends, Dylan, turns four this week, and his Mom (my good friend, Jen), planned a fun safari-themed birthday party for him at a local park. The kids all had a great time & Samuel played for about four hours, more than adequately energized by chocolate cupcakes and lollipops! The kids all took home safari hats and binoculars, as well as safari animal figurines. It was a fun party. Here are a few pictures:

Samuel announced to Jen what Dylan's gift was long before it was opened: a dinosaur transformer and a wooden fruit and vegetable play set (great toy for coordination and imaginative play--I highly recommend!).

Dylan opening presents.

There were lots of cupcakes for everyone. Samuel had more than his share!

Landon and I had a good time, too. Here is a picture of the dads playing around with a soccer ball at the party. Happy 4th, Dylan!


Flabbergasted said...

I enjoyed looking at your pictures. Looked like you guys had a wonderful time.

Claudia said...

The picture of Samuel, with chocolate all over his face is priceless!! Looked like a fun party!
Love you,

Jeremy said...

How fun! I love that he told Jen what the present was before Dylan opened them. Too cute!

And I love Plan toys too. Great gift idea!

Betsy said...

Are the William's not one of the cutest families you've ever met? I could just scoop them up and stick them in my pocket! Glad it was a good time.

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