Birthday Party and Dinner and Concert with Friends

Saturday, July 12, 2008
We had a good time celebrating a friend of Samuel's 5th birthday today, then meeting friends for dinner before heading to one of Portland's concerts in the park. It was a little scary for me today, because Juniper suddenly came down with a fever last night, and by this evening, it was 104.5. Samuel never had a fever above 102 or so, and because I couldn't remember how high is too high, I called the advice line. Turns out babies normally handle fevers pretty well; the important thing is to monitor their diapers for signs of dehydration and that they are growing listless. Juniper so far is doing okay with hydration, but sleeping a lot, so I have to try to wake her so she can nurse. The doctor on-call said there is a virus where babies have a high fever for three days, then break out into a rash. Today is day 1, so we'll see if she shows a rash on Monday. She vomited twice tonight, but seems to be doing okay on hydration as she's had a wet diaper every four hours or so. Back to the rash that might happen after the third day--I have noticed a rash on her shoulder, but she's so sensitive to the heat that she sometimes gets light rashes when she gets hot. The other thing is it could be an ear infection as she's been touching her ears. I might bring her in on Monday if she isn't doing better, but more than likely, whatever it is will get better on its own. In the meantime, she's getting lots of love and attention. It's always so hard to see either of the kids sick!

Happy 5th Birthday, Logan!


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