Saturday, June 07, 2008
It's 10PM at night, and I finally agreed to let Landon hold Juniper. She is screaming upstairs, and it's all I can do to find something to do to keep my mind off her cries. I'd been nursing and holding her since 8PM. She would start to drift off, then wake back up and cry. She's teething, poor thing. Nonetheless, I'd reached the point where I needed Landon to take her for awhile. So, I'm in the kitchen, trying to be productive and empty our dishwasher. I'm holding a glass measuring cup in my right hand, and swing it to the left to put it away in its cabinet, when I accidentally bump it against the side of our oven door. It wasn't even enough of an impact to put a crack or a chip into the glass measuring cup, but the moment it bumped the side of the oven door, I heard an awful crackling sound as the glass door began to shatter--and it continued to shatter for another two hours, maybe longer, but by 12AM, I went to bed.

By the next morning, every possible place on the glass door that could shatter had done so. I cried the night before from the stress of it all, because it was the last thing I needed after holding a fussy baby all night, but by morning, it's just another thing on my list of things to do next week. Landon actually said he'd call to order the part, and by looking at our oven manual, it looks like we can replace it ourselves, but still--who would have thought these could shatter so easily?

Isn't it pretty? Just kidding.

I wonder if this has ever happened to anyone else? This is a Frigidaire stainless steel oven/range, model #PLCS389DC. These should be able to handle more force than a light bump to the side before shattering. Perhaps I should look up the warranty information, as it is only two years old.


Annagrace said...

Oh my god, Karli--NOT what you needed after that kind of night, for sure. How weird is that? I've never even thought about one of these breaking/shattering--guess cause I didn't know it was possible. Craziness.

Aviva said...

Wow. I guess it's better that they shatter than break into little pieces all over your kitchen but gosh, I never would have thought that could happen with a light enough bump that it didn't break your glass measuring cup. Bizarre! You totally should call the manufacturer, even if it's not currently under warranty, because I think that would violate some sort of standard! Two years old is WAY too new to react like that.

Very, very weird.

Meanwhile, I hope Juniper has settled down and isn't so fussy. Those clingy days are really, really hard. Hang in there.

Claudia said...

Don't you remember when we were over at Sunriver and the top of the stove ~~ which was all glass~~ completely shattered when I set a pan down on it?!! I thought that was so bizarre!!
It must have something to do with the tempered glass and the way it reacts to certain bumps.
Sorry that happened to you and on such a not very good night!
I so remember nights like that.
Hope Juniper is feeling better.

Ayelet said...

Oh my goodness! NOT at all what you needed after a night of teething fussies. I can't imagine that your oven wouldn't be covered by the warranty. I hope that tonight is a better night.


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