Pioneer Square, Father's Day Shopping, and Crawfish Boil

Saturday, June 14, 2008
Our day started with a trip down to Pioneer Square, where I was happy to find the Festival of Flowers on display. I plan to return on the 19th for the sale. It's a beautiful display--check it out if you are downtown in the next two weeks.

Juniper is now big enough to ride in the ERGO's back carrying position. She slept most of the time we were at Pioneer Square.

Landon and Samuel then rode the MAX to Saturday Market, while Juniper and I did a little shopping for Father's Day. We met back at Pioneer Square an hour and a half later, and headed home for a nap before attending a crawfish boil.

I get a little queasy around marine creatures. In past years, I haven't gone near the crawfish table. This year, I made progress by watching Landon remove the shells from several, and even tried a bite. Later, I ventured over again to take a few pictures. I remember when I was ten years old in Hawaii, I cried when my Dad ordered and ate octopus for dinner one evening. I asked for the room key and went back to our hotel room and cried myself to sleep. I've grown up a little since then, but I still get a little squeamish.

An unlucky crawish...

and a lucky, nameless crawfish that Samuel took home as a pet. We are told these won't survive more than a few days. Samuel didn't put this one down the entire time we were at the party, and now it's in our basement in a yellow bucket with a little water and a small piece of lettuce. I've warned Samuel that he won't survive much longer, but he's pretty attached to him, so I hope he isn't too let down when the inevitable happens. Maybe this crawfish will somehow "escape" one night this week, never to be seen or heard from again.


Claudia said...

I will never forget the night at Hawaii when you feel apart and went to the room crying. I'm surprised you mentioned it~~Dad was just telling some friends of ours the story the other night.
You remember me coming to the room to see if you were alright?! I felt so sorry for you -- but also knew you were very tired also!
I'm glad you got pictures of all of the crawfish, and am glad that Samuel brought his 'pet' crawfish to Father's Day dinner---and the boy's loved it!!! A treat for all of us to see how fun boys have with "boy-things.'

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