Pet Crawfish

Sunday, June 22, 2008
(Photo taken this evening while Landon BBQ'd hamburgers for his parents--we leave on our trip to Philly & DC in only a few days!)

Remember this crawfish? Samuel took a live crawfish home more than two weeks ago from a crawfish boil we attended, and although we were told at the time it would survive only another day or two (I thought it wouldn't make it through the night after being carried around by Samuel for three hours at the boil), it is still alive and thriving. So now Samuel has a pet crawfish. I've been afraid to name this crawdad, but now that he's survived this long, I think we'll have to come up with a name. Samuel takes him out and plays with him often. He knows how to hold its pincers together with his thumb and index finger so it can't pinch, and he's extremely gentle with it. I have to admit, I'm a little attached to the little crawdad. I clean its water daily, feed it a little fish food (it also loves macaroni noodles), and inwardly vow to never eat another crawfish again!


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