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Wednesday, June 18, 2008

I've been writing a lot about my kids lately, because they are my life now. There is little time in the day for much else (although I do try to cram in a blog entry every night before bed). Samuel has been having a lot of fun this week at a summer camp. I took this picture today when I picked him up. It made me happy when he asked on our way this morning, "Mommy, will you stay at the camp with me today?" He has never cried when I've left him, but it's good to know that he misses me. I think the separation two mornings this week has led to quality time together in the afternoons. There haven't been any tantrums this week, and we've been having lots of fun meeting friends at the park and going for walks where we look for walking sticks and rocks to collect for the garden.

I'm not mentioning names, but a certain someone in our family has a morning blowout up to their shoulder blades and arm pits every morning at 5am, which is when this person likes to get up. If force=mass x acceleration, how much force does it take to blow one cup of goop the consistency of purée to the shoulder blades? Now there is a physics problem worth solving! This trend has been going on for about three weeks now. Anyone want to join me for coffee around 5:15am, which is when I start my day around here? I'd love the company!


Annagrace said...

Oh my god, so hilarious! Especially written next to this picture of her sleeping so intently! Just another month or so and I'll be up that early for's hoping Pea doesn't change her schedule when the baby comes, though--one child up at 5 is enough!

The Ferriter Family said...

Ahhh I remember 5:15 days, we make Parker stay in his room till 6, and Emma (thank God) wakes around 6:45..... Good luck....and I wish I could join you for coffee!!

Jeremy said...

Oh that's too early! Sawyer's always been an early waker too but thankfully not that early. And how nice that she greets you with poop. :-).

That's so sweet Samuel wanted you to stay with him at camp! That's a great picture of him too.

Claudia said...

How you make me remember child rearing days!! Robby's favorite time was at 3:00 am and I was always so tired I was at a loss as to what directions was the diapers.
Actually, when you have to get up so early over and over, you kind of work in auto mode!!

Samuel makes kme think of some of you kids. I remember dropping you off and wondering if you would miss me or if you would want to go when I showed up or if you were having to good of a time. I think all in all ~~ kids love to see their Mom's!!! and you are a good Mommy Karli!!
Your Mommy

Betsy said...

I feel your pain, though I must say that after the week I'veh ad with my kids, it's nice to know I'm not alone/smile (okay, laugh out loud) at someone else's early mornings. Will has been getting up early...but he's old enough that if I catch him, I send him back to bed until 7:30. Can't really do that with Juniper, huh??

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