My Mom is Doing Better

Thursday, June 12, 2008
They found out my Mom has a staph infection, so now that they know what they are treating, she will hopefully start improving more quickly. They operated on her hand tonight to remove some of the infection, and took a biopsy to determine if the infection had gone into the tendons or bone--fortunately, it had not.

It will be awhile before it heals (they did not stitch up the surgical wound because of the infection), and she has to do hand exercises, and soak it often, but looks like she is finally in the clear and on her way to getting better. Thanks to everyone for keeping her in their thoughts and prayers!


Aviva said...

I'm so happy to hear your mom is doing better and they at least know what they're dealing with now!! I hope she continues to heal and is soon feeling like herself again!!

Annagrace said...

So glad to hear that they finally got it figured out and that she's on the way to getting better!

Claudia said...

Thank-You Karli, for all of your prayer and concern for your Mommy!!!
I am SOOOO glad I am on the mend, but it is still painful and it seems like the whole and scar is getting bigger and bigger but the Dr. says it has to heal from the inside out.

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