The Little Old Doctor from Dermatology

Friday, June 20, 2008
I had an appointment this morning with a new dermatologist, one closer to where we live. When I made the appointment earlier in the week, I forgot to ask for a female dermatologist. For some reason, I have always seen female doctors, and at this point, I'm a little set in my ways. So, this morning at 8:10AM, I was painfully enduring the Mario Lopez spread for People's Hottest Bachelor, when a male dermatologist entered the exam room. I wasn't surprised that he was a male, because I hadn't requested otherwise, but he was old--like late seventies, early eighties old. My reason for going was to get a prescription for a topical ointment I've used for years to keep my complexion clear. I mentioned during the appointment that I also like to have my skin checked out annually due to all the sun exposure I've had in my life (hey, I grew up in the seventies and eighties, when tanning oil was still cool and sunscreen was rarely used). By the end of the appointment, I was still inwardly debating on whether or not to reschedule with him in the future when he said, "I'd like for us to see one another again in two months, at which point I can see the rest of your body parts as well."

I don't know if it was "one another" or the "rest of your body parts," but I've been sufficiently convinced--I'm a female doctor kind of girl.


Annagrace said...

Yikes--and kind of funny!

Amy said...

You are kidding me???! I had to read that twice to make sure I was reading it correctly. Yeah...time for a different doctor!

Amy said...

I'm actually getting read to "re-launch" my business tomorrow! I have added blog design to my services. So....check my blog tomorrow for that. What perfect timing you have!!

Betsy said...

I'm completely skeebed out by the phrase "the rest of your body parts" right now! Ewwwww! Poor old man...that's probably the most action he's getting these days.

Claudia said...

Yeah, I'm with you Karli Ann! I seem to prefer female Doctors also!! I have two of them myself!

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