Juniper Turns Six Months!

Monday, June 09, 2008

Today was Juniper's 6 month well-child check, and tomorrow, on June 10th, she'll turn 6 months. I am proud of all of us for making it to this halfway mark in her first year of life. Here we are, in the parking garage of OHSU right before her appointment. The photo has been heavily cropped due to the fact it was taken from 40 inches off the ground. Who is 40 inches tall in our family? Well, Samuel, of course! He's getting better at not moving the camera while he snaps, so most of the pictures he takes these days are no longer blurry.

Here's Juniper in the waiting room before her appointment. They were running a little behind schedule, so we looked out the big, sunny windows at the Ross Island Bridge and the tram while we waited.

Samuel patiently waited, too. Fortunately, a perk at our doctor's office is that there is plenty to look at through the north-facing windows.

17 pounds, 2 ounces! She has moved from the 65th to the 75th percentile for height and weight, and is around the 95th percentile for head circumference. At 4 months, she was more than five pounds behind Samuel for that age, but at 6 months, she is catching up to Samuel--he weighed 20 lbs. 13 oz. at 6 months. The vaccinations went smoothly, and she hardly cried. She slept for awhile afterwards, but has otherwise seemed normal today, and hasn't even run a slight fever, thank-goodness. I've heard the chicken pox virus has hit Portland, so I was a little nervous to take her to the doctor's office today, but her pediatrician said she hasn't seen any cases, and they usually don't have patients with symptoms come to the office, because it is incredibly contagious. This isn't something children are vaccinated against until they turn one year, and because I had a severe case as a child, I'm trying to be careful until Juniper has been fully vaccinated.

I found out during Juniper's appointment why she's been so fussy the past week. Her first lower incisor broke through last week without any fussiness, and I was mystified as to why she's been so fussy THIS week. Turns out her SECOND lower incisor is just about to break through, so the poor girl got both lower incisors at the same time. I think I'd have been fussy, too. Samuel got them one at a time, and they took many weeks to break through. Juniper got hers as a pair, and they came through within a week of each other. How is it possible that my baby has two teeth already?

Here we are, just before Samuel and I had lunch at the Daily Cafe on the first floor. Juniper fell asleep for about an hour, so we were able to have lunch and take our time. My hair is looking a little unruly these days as I need another haircut. I can't decide whether or not to grow it out a little more or keep it short for awhile. When I got home this afternoon, I straightened it and parted it further to the right, but it didn't seem to suit me, and to be honest, I don't know if I have time to dry AND straighten my hair while entertaining Juniper on the bathroom floor AND answering Samuel's questions like, "Mommy, why are squid different sizes?" or "How do noses stay on our faces?" Geez, most mornings, I actually feel a sense of accomplishment when I am able to shower and get dressed, let alone worry about accessories and hair styles. It will be great when I have more time to spend getting ready in the morning, but these days, it's about keeping things simple!

Oh, and I bet you were hoping for an update on what I like to call "oven hell." It really isn't hell, but the fact that the glass on my oven door shattered into a million pieces with a slight tap from a glass measuring cup at 10PM at night annoys me enough that I think a little exaggeration is warranted. Oh, and I like this angle of my doorless oven, because I can pretend that it's sparkling clean inside. I could have taken a picture front and center, which would have shown the little piles of anonymous charred substances beneath the oven's elements, but to be honest, no one needs to keep their blog that real.

Landon removed the oven door tonight, and we were relieved to find only the exterior glass had shattered, so he removed the outer stainless steel panel, which the glass is attached to, and will call tomorrow to order the part now that he knows exactly what we need. Unfortunately, this oven was purchased a few months before we bought the house, so the receipt and warranty information are missing. We only have the owner's manual, which doesn't indicate where the oven was purchased, so looks like we will have to pay to replace this part. We think we have to buy the stainless steel panel and glass as one piece, as it doesn't appear they are sold separately, so if that is the case, this might be expensive . . . like, 1/3 the cost of the oven expensive. It's possible this glass was recalled--Landon will find out tomorrow. In the meantime, we're eating out for dinner!

Landon removed the broken glass from the stainless steel frame tonight. I get nervous around broken glass, and since I was afraid he was going to cut himself, I went back upstairs to avoid the stress of it all.

Here's the interior part of our oven door. The glass here is still intact--phew! I was starting to think we might as well buy a new oven with the cost of parts!

The exterior panel, sans glass. It bothers me that we might have to throw this perfectly good panel away. Hopefully, there will be a way to replace the glass. I don't like the idea that manufacturers make products in such a way that forces consumers to be wasteful. I was just talking to Aviva today on the phone, and she was telling me what a shame it is that consumers are forced to be a part of a disposable society. It's true, and so unfair, but what choice do we have in some cases? We need some glass, not a new exterior panel. Unfortunately, it looks like it is only manufactured as one piece. How wasteful!


The Ferriter Family said...

If you bought it with a credit card they should have the info of when it was purchased???? Seems like a lot of trouble... Good luck

Aviva said...

Cool, I made your blog. :)

Sorry I had to hang up so abruptly but it was urgent to get Ellie to the potty immediately, and she's so distractible when she first gets home that we can have an accident if we don't keep urging her to the potty.

I do really hate the way manufacturers make it so difficult to repair things instead of replacing it. Like with your oven, when our vacuum broke last summer, we thought it would be no big deal because it was just one small plastic part it required. But no. The folks at Sears said that Kenmore (their brand) wouldn't sell us just the small plastic piece we needed -- we had to buy the entire vacuum head, which of course was about half the cost of the vacuum.

And since Scott looked at the new ones at the store and decided it was a design flaw that caused the plastic to crack and that it would likely happen again, we ended up buying a Dyson instead. The Kenmore was just barely over two years old and the extended warranty I'd been suckered into buying had just expired a few weeks earlier. Grrrrr.

No wonder our landfills are overflowing. In the Olden Days, things were made in a way that they could be repaired over and over again and last for decades. Not anymore! I think they purposely make replacement parts so they sell as big pieces instead of individual parts and therefore cost a significant chunk of buying a new unit. Because most people will look at it and say, hey, for that kind of money, let's just buy a new one and get the new features or design we like best.

Btw, your Realtor might be able to track down the previous homeowners, who *might* be able to give you a hand with receipts and such for warranty, if there is any. It's worth a try before you're out the entire cost, at any rate!

And I still think it sounds like a defective part. I just can't believe they're meant to shatter so easily ...

Beetles and Bees said...

The previous owner bought it. Good idea, though, Tara!

Looks like the door comes as one piece, and is $189.00.


Jeremy said...

Happy 6 months Juniper! I just love her little smile. She's so beautiful!

Claudia said...

Samuel is doing so well at taking pictures now!!!
Juniper is just growing up TO FAST!!! She is such a little dolly!! I always hated taking you kids in for shots, but they did not have one for Chicken Pox when you kids were babies and so, the terrible case you got!!! I always felt so very bad for you!!! You had one of the worst cases that your Dr. ever saw. I just remember having you take cool baths all the time and then drying you off with the hair dryer because it dried up the poxes more quickly!! I finally went to town and got some Benadryl for you -- it was so bad!! All four of you girls got it with in three weeks!! Not fun at all!!!
Cute pictures of Juniper!!

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