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Tuesday, June 10, 2008

There has been a lot going on in our household so far this week, and this was supposed to be a slow week where I planned fun stuff for Samuel, as he's on summer break now (summer camps start next week). My Mom is in the hospital with an infection that developed on her left thumb, and she's not responding to antibiotics. I've heard horrible descriptions of what her thumb looks like, and apparently, they are going to operate tonight to try to find the infection, as several attempts at lancing her thumb have not turned up anything significant. Meanwhile, her thumb is getting more infected, a red line is starting up her arm, and she's developing a fever. She's been on IV antibiotics and morphine for the pain, but has so far not responded, and they took her off the morphine this morning when her blood pressure dropped.

Landon has also been unwell. He has a chronic illness that flares up from time to time, and this week is one of those times.

The oven door will cost $189.00 to replace, as the glass is not sold separately and is manufactured as one piece with the stainless steel front panel. Sometimes it really does feel like we rip up money and throw it to the wind.

We took my car to the mechanic this morning. My car battery died, and my Honda Accord has only been getting 160 miles to a tank of gas, so that's worse than Hummer gas mileage. They are going to look at that as well as a few other problems with my car, so yet one more thing to spend money on. We'd like to get a Toyota Prius, as I mentioned a few weeks ago, but they are in high demand right now, so that can only mean prices will be jacked up. Putting off that purchase once again for a few months . . .

Juniper has been running a fever from her vaccinations. Today it finally seems to be low enough that she doesn't need Tylenol, but for the past 24 hours, she's been pretty feverish and fussy. She's also cutting her second tooth right now. I'm glad she won't need any vaccinations for another six months. Speaking of six months, today is her six month birthday!

I started watching a new HBO series, Tell Me You Love Me. It's pretty good so far, and I'll watch it on nights that Landon is out playing music. I don't think he'd be too interested in a show that analyzes the intimate relationships of three different couples. Yes, I can pretty much guarantee he wouldn't be interested!

Lastly, I gave in and drove Samuel and I through the Burgerville drive-through today. Landon is on a strict diet, and I didn't want to cook something at home that would only make him feel hungry, plus things have been a little busy lately, so to save time, I resorted to fast food. I always go to Burgerville for fast food, because they use local beef, and I can actually eat a hamburger without feeling guilty about the deforestation in the Brazilian Amazon (60 to 70% of which is to make room for more cattle ranches). Burgerville is a fast food chain that stands out in my mind as striving to set a new standard in the fast food industry. I was delighted today to find in Samuel's kids meal a biodegradable pot with a packet of cherry tomato seeds. What a great idea! I seem to remember getting a plastic Burgerville bowl in the past, but after looking on their website, I found that Burgerville kids meal toys are educational and interactive, so maybe they have changed their toys since the last time we were there. Either way, I thought it was such great idea! Now that most companies are withdrawing their use of tomatoes because of the salmonella outbreak, I think providing seeds with a kids meal encourages people to think about growing their own fruits and vegetables. Hopefully, some of the other fast food joints will follow Burgerville's example. I also like that Burgerville offers an option of apple slices instead of fries for kids. They should provide that option for adults, too! I still think stopping at the grocery store is a healthier fast food option, but for those days that you need to stick with a drive-through, Burgerville is a good choice!


Annagrace said...

So sorry about your mom! And the fever, and tantrums, and Landon...what a week, eh? I just read something interesting about Prius and other hybrid vehicles--it takes something like 46,000 miles before you've repaid the carbon used to make the battery. Interesting, huh?

Jeremy said...

We love Burgerville too and whenever we have to get fast food, that's usually the only place I want. I love their little cup of spread with fries... yum.

I know, you've had quite the week girly! I hope you get a break in there sometime.

Claudia said...

I really like that idea about the tomatoes with seeds and I really like the idea of apple slices also. I'm with you, I wish they offered them for adults!!
I really like Burgerville also, but Mac does not have one.....I rarely ever go to a fast food place anymore. It almost makes me sick to think of one....but if I was to --- I would choose Burgerville.

Claudia said...

I forgot about them taking me off of the morphine because my blood pressure dropped so much. Good thing you remember all of the details. Not a fun trip for me.
I have finally caught all up on your blog! As for mine....I am not as good at this as you!! By the time I read my e-mails, read your blog, and comment....I am about done with the computer. I'll try to update it tomorrow.

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