Friday, June 27, 2008
It was interesting trying to explain to Samuel in an understandable way why he couldn't climb on the gravestones. He was really good about staying off them once we told him not to, but he did touch a couple of them, and he was quickly reprimanded by one of the Christ Church volunteers. I completely understood, and I'm glad Christ Church is so carefully guarding this old cemetery.

I swear it was haunted, though! As we left the cemetery, someone hissed in my ear, "Miss." I turned around, but no one was around me. I asked Landon if he heard anything, and he didn't, and said I should go back to see what the ghost wanted. I felt a shiver pass down my spine, and didn't go back into the cemetery, but when we passed by again later that day, I quickened my pace, like I tend to do when ascending the stairs of a dark basement.

Inside the cemetery, beneath an old tree. Samuel is standing in the far left-hand corner.

We passed by many old buildings, such as this one.
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