Help! My Three Year Old has a Splinter Under his Thumbnail!

Thursday, June 19, 2008

Samuel got a splinter in his thumb on a wooden play structure while at summer camp yesterday, so I made an appointment to have his doctor look at it because of how deeply embedded it is under his thumbnail.

Quick aside: after I saw this picture, I realized that he definitely has Landon's hands, which is such a good thing, because I've always thought Landon has nice hands (for some reason, I was never able to bring myself to date a guy with small or clammy hands).

He was brave while the nurse checked his temperature and listened to his heart.

But when the doctor said she was going to get a needle, Samuel fell apart and his thumb went into his mouth. He had been asking me, "Mommy, can we just leave the splinter in my thumb and let my body work it out?"

Unfortunately, the doctor could not get the splinter out either, and when she poked at it with a needle, Samuel started screaming. It was pretty awful, and I had to help hold him down. She was able to get a splinter out of his fourth finger, but the one under his thumbnail is too deeply embedded. Some pus came out when she was trying to get it out, so she wrote out a prescription for antibiotics. This is one that is going to have to stay put. We're hoping it won't get infected, and the antibiotics will help with that, but if it gets too painful, they are going to have to numb it and dig harder to remove it. I really hope it doesn't come to that. Samuel won't let me near it, but I'm hoping if the pressure pushes the splinter up enough to where I might be able to get at it with tweezers, I could pull it out while he's sleeping, and he wouldn't know the difference. Then again, I don't want to him to be traumatized while he's sleeping, so I'm not sure what to do quite yet.

It was an exhausting morning and afternoon, and since Landon is still battling a flare-up with his chronic illness (I will write more about this tomorrow), we headed to New Seasons to get some natural remedies that we hope will help him. Unfortunately, Samuel started throwing up after we had some dinner. I think I wrote about how I freeze up sometimes in parenthood earlier in the week. I did that tonight. Did NOT know how to deal with all the vomit and the two kids with a room full of people watching to see how I was going to handle the situation (Landon was off shopping somewhere). But what luck! I was at New Seasons, the friendly store in town! The manager at New Seasons not only cleaned everything up, but bought Samuel a 7-up to help settle his stomach, and spent a few minutes reassuring me about what a great job I was doing and how hard it must be with two kids on so little sleep (I didn't even have to tell her I only had 4 hours of sleep last night, she just knew).

So, the story with the vomiting (I think) is that they had chocolate samples out, which Samuel sampled, and since he also had a strawberry milk with his dinner, he became hypoglycemic and sick. Meanwhile, it's been four days since his last you-know-what, so his stomach has been hurting him all day. I doubt this contributed to the vomiting, but it's still another cause for him to feel unwell today. I hope at least that part will be resolved tomorrow, and the splinter will work its way out before too long. He's had such a rough day!

Samuel telling me before the doctor came into the room that he would like to "leave the splinter there and let his body work it out."

I can only wonder what tomorrow will hold. For starters, I have a doctor's appointment at 8AM tomorrow morning. I figure if I'm up at 5am, then I might as well get over my extreme dislike for early morning appointments.


Annagrace said...

Poor kid! That's a tricky place to get one, too! Hope it really does work itself out.

Jeremy said...

Yikes! That looks painful. I hope it works it's way out soon. Too cute that he knows his body will do it on it's own.

I'm glad you had help in New Seasons with the whole throw up thing!

Sarah@mommyinjapan said...

When Sakura was two she threw up all over ME in the middle of Costco. I was holding her facing me and she got both of us and all of the floor. I just stood there not knowing what to do next. Chikara was about 20 feet away but because it was busy he couldn't see me. Fortunately the Costco people were very nice and told me to go ahead as they would clean it up. I took her to the bathroom and tried to wipe us off as best as I could. I realized then that she had magically not gotten any puke on herself. I'm still not sure how that was even possible. But my shirt was covered so I walked through the store, picked out a shirt, paid for it, went to the bathroom, changed my shirt and threw the puked-up on shirt into the garbage. I couldn't even bother to take it home and wash it. Chikara was shocked!!!!

It happens to everyone.

Claudia said...

I love the video Karli!!!! So sweet!!! Poor little guy!! Now you know what I always meant when I always said, " It is more painful for a parent than it is for the kids!!"
I think that is because as a parent, you've been through things, know how much it hurts, and it don't want YOUR child to have to go through it!! It is hard being a parent sometimes.
Samuel seems like he is being such a big boy about it though. We had to literally HOLD Robby down when he sliced his thumb open and they had to take stiches in it. He would not even let them give him a shot to numb it.
I can remember feeling faint from having to go through trama with all of you kids!
Some how we all make it though. Part of parenting that is not fun.
I remember going through the vomiting with you kids and most people are very understanding when it comes to stuff like that with kids!
You are a very good Mother Karli Ann!!

Amy said...

Awwww....poor guy! I hope that it comes out on its own too!!

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