Day Out with Juniper

Sunday, June 08, 2008
Juniper and I spent almost the whole day together. Landon and Samuel left early for the Rose Festival Parade (this year it only rained for part of it, but it still rained--what's up with it raining every year during the parade?), then they went hiking along Tryon creek afterwards. Juniper and I spent the morning sleeping in, then getting ready to meet my friend Colleen for lunch. Here is Juniper outside in the grass right before we left. I finally bought some bows for her hair yesterday while shopping with my friend Jen, and yes, that's a baby doll in her hand. What can I say, she seems to love it! She looks like such a little girl in this picture. She's not chewing on a second hair ribbon, but the one of the men from Samuel's Candy Land game. She's teething, so anything works.

We met Colleen at a great little Mexican place on N. Mississippi Avenue called ¿Por QuĂ© No? that I can't wait to take Landon to sometime. Fresh, local ingredients, as well as outdoor sidewalk seating with overhead heaters (a plus in Portland, even in June). Happy hour margaritas! I had the fish tacos--so good! Oh, and their iced hibiscus flower tea was delicious. I should learn how to make it myself.

Later that night, Juniper and I saw Sex and the City. Had she been another year older, there's no way I would have taken her with me (hello,! note first word in title of movie), but at this age, it worked out perfectly. People tell me all the time how fun it is to see a movie alone, but I always felt like a total loner at the thought. I have to admit, though--it's not that bad! Of course, I had Juniper with me, so I wasn't technically by myself, but she slept almost the whole time, so it really was like seeing it par moi. Such a great movie! I own all the seasons of Sex and the City--it never gets old! Sarah Jessica Parker is seriously amazing. I know most guys loathe the thought of seeing this movie with their girlfriends or wives, but don't listen to them! Seriously ladies, it's SO good. It was fun to go by myself and enjoy it without worrying about whether or not Landon was bored stiff or imagining all the mocking that was going on in that head of his. If you are putting off seeing this movie because your boyfriend or husband would rather see something else, go see it alone--you'll be glad you did!


Claudia said...

Where did Juniper get her little dolly?? Just from you?
She looks so cute here! You're right....she does look like such a little girl here!!
I didn't know Landon went to the parade with Samuel. I miss going to see it. I went for years!!
Love, Mom

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