Congratulations 2008 Preschool Graduates!

Thursday, June 05, 2008
Samuel has never been a great eater, and it's always been a struggle to get him to eat a decent breakfast, or even any breakfast at all, before he goes to school. The longer I make him sit at the table and eat, the more he resists, or often turns to playing with his food. Here is how I found his breakfast this morning after he told me he was finished:

Despite the wrench and marker blueberry granola, we headed out the door for Samuel's last day of school. His teachers planned an end-of-year party for parents, so with a plate of muffins and a bag of beverages in hand, I headed out the door with Samuel and Juniper to celebrate the end of Samuel's first year of preschool.

Samuel got a rubber ball from his teachers, and the kids had fun playing with them in the gym while the parents took a break to carry their child's artwork and miscellaneous articles of clothing that had been forgotten over the year or intentionally left as an extra change of clothes out to their car. Samuel learned his alphabet this year, and his teachers had kept every letter he had learned and colored and put them into a special book bound with construction paper and yarn that Samuel helped decorate for the parents to keep.

Samuel and good friend and neighbor, Garrett, playing in the gym during their party.

During the party, Juniper happily sat on the rug and seemed especially intrigued by the fish swimming in a tank nearby. She also loved watching the big kids during the party.

Samuel's teachers said special things about each child. About Samuel, they said he always had fun stories to share, and they had enjoyed all his descriptions about marine life, especially the sharks and squids.

When Samuel hugged his teachers goodbye, he ran to me and almost started crying. He said, "Mommy, I'm a little bit sad that this is my last day of school." Luckily, he starts summer camps next week with his beloved teachers, so it won't be long before he will see them again. One of his good friends from school is moving away, though, and many others won't be continuing on next year, so in some ways, today really was the end of this particular class. I'm so glad Samuel loves school and has so much fun with his teachers and friends. We love his school and would recommend it to anyone! Send me a message for more information.


Jeremy said...

Gotta say, I love the wrench and marker in his cereal... too cute. -JC

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