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Tuesday, June 17, 2008
Things have been going more smoothly since last week. My Mom is still on the incline, our oven door has been paid for and is on its way, my car has been fixed, and Samuel hasn't thrown a tantrum even close to what happened in New Seasons on Friday in the past few days. These things ebb and flow--good days and not so good days. We all have them, but when you're three, bad days aren't easily remedied by an extra latte and some chocolate. Read my post on Friday if you are interested in how a three year old handles a bad day.

Three year olds also like to whine. Though he hasn't thrown a tantrum since Friday, he has been experimenting with various forms of whining. You know, it's amazing how many sound inflections he can come up with when he is whining. Here he is, pretending to be a lobster in its shell (the blanket is the shell), but he's not too happy, because he bumped his head lightly on the floor, and I think he thinks by whining I will feel sorry for him, but I won't, because I must have told him at least three times to not play this game while on the couch--but, he's three, so he did it anyway. So, instead I take pictures . . . lots of pictures.

Where is Samuel? Playing "lobster hiding in its shell" once again. His crawfish, the inspiration for this game, is still doing well in the yellow bucket, and although I've told him it's a crawfish, he still insists on calling it a lobster. So, even though "lobster in a shell" doesn't quite make sense to me as the shell is part of the lobster (not something it hides in) I let him pretend however he wants to.

Juniper, who has never been bad, but whose tantrum-throwing days are coming (can't wait to see how Samuel handles Juniper's three-year-old tantrums when he's SIX), watches Samuel's antics with interest. It's funny to look back, because we used to hold Samuel and say to ourselves in the months before his first birthday, "You know, he's never been bad." At the time, we didn't know what was coming. Now that we've been through it once, I know what to expect, but right now, she is only full of goodness--just look at that face!

Juniper laughs at Samuel's antics, and no one can make her smile like he can.

Although many other stresses of last week have been resolved, Landon is still sick, so I decided to walk the kids up to the video store to return a movie I'd rented for Samuel to give him some time to rest this evening in a quiet house. Along the way, we passed a small grove of stately conifers. I've always loved them.

Samuel holds the video we were on our way to return.

These trees have been here long before our neighborhood was built, before I-5, and before everyone that currently lives in our neighborhood was born.

I don't know what kind of trees they are--do you?

There are five of them altogether, and I hope they will always remain where they are as the decades go by.

We couldn't walk past the park without stopping to play. Samuel kept saying, "Mommy, I want to stay for three more minutes." He plays here nearly every day, but never grows tired of the play structure.

I sat on the grass, watching Samuel play.

Samuel found a hula hoop and practiced for a few minutes before deciding it was much more fun to throw it into the air.

Juniper gnawed on my keys while we waited for Samuel to go down the slide a few more times. For some reason, my keys entertain her more than any of her more fancier toys.

We returned the movie and came home. Landon was playing his fiddle on our front porch when we returned. Another day has come to a close.


Claudia said...

I love those trees also Karli!! Very stately and beautiful!!!

What a very cute picture of Juniper!! She is so cute!!

Samuel is a typical little boy!! Only fun times!!


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