Sunday, May 25, 2008

We finally made it to Folklife after spending the morning at Pike Place Market, the afternoon at Seattle Aquarium, and more of the afternoon waiting for a tow truck to jump my car after the lights were left on all day (not by me!). When we arrived at Folklife, it was very crowded. On our way to the Northwest Court Stage, where Landon was playing, we stopped for a balloon. Sam requested a sword. Here he is in the above photo, patiently waiting with money in hand.

The balloon-tying guy made Sam a sword, sheath, and hat. He was one happy guy!

Landon finally found us amongst the crowds. We had dinner, and split a strawberry shortcake. Sam is holding his squid, which he hasn't put down since we bought it at the Seattle Aquarium. The squid even took precedence over his sword and sheath, which had by now been placed in the stroller, never to be played with again.

Finally, it was 8pm, and it was time for Landon's gig. I have uploaded a short clip below:


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