Unwritten Rules

Wednesday, May 14, 2008
A couple of strange things happened this week that I didn't mention in previous posts:

About fifteen minutes after I ordered a latte one morning, the barista, a young woman of about twenty-one or so, came by the table where I was sitting with Samuel and Juniper and said, "Oh, I didn't realize you had a couple of ankle-biters. I hadn't heard a peep coming from this area since you got here."
No one calls my children ankle-biters and gets away with it!
Oh, but she did get away with it.
Before I could pour my latte down her shirt, she was off to help another customer.

Then there was the REI camp display incident where Samuel, who loves to explore the tents, was playing while I paid for my new computer bag for my MacBook. During the transaction, I began to hear an adult making ferocious wild animal sounds and a child screaming in terror. The first time it happened, I didn't recognize Samuel's voice, and naturally assumed it was a parent and child. When it happened the second time, I turned around to see Samuel's crocodile boots sitting outside the biggest tent (he remembered to take his boots off before getting in the tent!), and all of a sudden, I realized it was my kid that was screaming in terror. I grabbed Juniper, left my wallet on the counter, and ran to the tent to find an REI employee terrorizing my child, and Samuel hovering in the furthest corner. I put Juniper down on the floor, told the employee to stop scaring him, and frantically tried to unzip the doors, which for some reason were all zipped shut. I finally got Samuel out of there, and he said, "Mommy, that man was trying to scare me." Samuel was frightened, but seemed to bounce out of it quickly. When I turned around, the employee had disappeared, so when I finished paying for my bag, I told the REI employee assisting me what had happened. I have to wonder how much longer this guy would have continued had I not intervened. It's an unwritten rule: you don't scare other people's kids. Oh, and another unwritten rule that deserves mentioning: you don't call other people's kids ankle-biters!
Reserve that term for this:


Kelli said...

People can be so weird when it comes to little kids. You can always tell when they don't have any themselves!

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