Spontaneous Beach Trip

Friday, May 16, 2008

We took advantage of the beautiful weather yesterday and made a last-minute decision to get out of town, heading up to Long Beach, WA. I've been to Astoria, OR many times, but had never crossed the Astoria-Megler Bridge into Washington. We drove up the Long Beach Peninsula to Leadbetter Point State Park, after reading about it in last month's Portland Monthly. It's a beautiful park, but the mosquitoes were thick on the trail leading to the beach, and Samuel wasn't really up for walking to the tip of the peninsula, so we walked for awhile, then turned back and headed back to Long Beach, where we stayed the night.

Juniper and I on the beach in Leadbetter Point State Park.

Walking along the northern coast of Washington's Long Beach Peninsula in Leadbetter Point State Park. Samuel lags behind.

Once we got back to Long Beach, we went to a local grocery store to pick up a few items to make sandwiches for dinner, then headed to Long Beach to walk along the boardwalk. It was windy, so we had dinner, let Samuel walk onto the beach for a little while, then returned back to our motel room for the night.

Samuel posing near the boardwalk in Long Beach.

We actually drove down to Cannon Beach this morning as Long Beach was pretty much a ghost town, with many businesses and services closed, and not another visitor in sight. Samuel is having lots of fun playing on Cannon Beach today with other kids; there are lots of people in Cannon Beach today. Juniper and I, after spending three hours on the beach, are at Bella Espresso taking a break from the hot sun. It's hot here today, and the ocean feels great. I plan on going back in another hour or so. We're going to stay as long as possible today, as sunny days at the Oregon beach are a rarity, then we'll make our way home this evening. More pictures from our trip are posted below:


Claudia said...

You must of taken your new lap-top with you so you could blog and etc.
How nice that you have one now!!
Happy Mother's Day to You!!

Jeremy said...

How fun! I love spontaneous trips like that!

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