Wednesday, May 21, 2008

The sun is setting; the last of the rays are hitting the treetops along Taylor's Ferry, which I can see facing South from my dining room windows. Spring birds are chirping with delight at the numerous plump worms wriggling around on the garden topsoil from a shower that passed through minutes ago. Juniper is fast asleep on the sofa, and I wonder if 8:15PM is her bedtime tonight, or if there will be one last breastfeeding. The house is quiet, and Landon is away practicing for a Folk Life gig this weekend. The fresh snowballs on my dining table came from my neighbor's garden, a Viburnum opulus that is many years old, and is the species which cramp bark tincture is derived, a homeopathic remedy I used to relieve after-pains following Juniper's homebirth. Snowball trees are beautiful in mid-May. My Mom always told me about her Grandmother's snowball tree she had in front of her old Portland home. The other day I drove by our old house, and when I noticed no one was home, I pulled into the driveway to have a closer view of the front-yard garden, hoping to catch a glimpse of some old favorite plants. I didn't get out of the car, but from what I could see, they are all thriving, which made me happy. The two snowball trees I planted have doubled in size, and the columbine has spread. The ferns I transplanted with Landon have new fronds unfurling, and the new owners have added many more plants and flowers to the garden. It's a pleasant thought that my old garden is now in good hands. I've heard stories of people selling houses to find a beloved cherry tree chopped or a tender backyard garden bulldozed for an obnoxious addition built in poor taste on a century old classic bungalow. These people can't bear to drive by their old homes. I can understand how they must feel. The laundry buzzer just sounded its alarm. Time to start folding. Plan to watch The Savages. Glass of Northeastern Australian Cab has been poured, leftovers from book-club on Monday. The day is nearing its end. Those sun rays have disappeared and dusk has fallen. Time to relax and look forward to muffins and coffee with a friend tomorrow morning.


Jeremy said...

I love snowball trees! In fact just today I was admiring my sister's and nearly snagged a bunch to put on my table. Now I wished I had!

Cramp-bark tincture was my best friend those few days after Sawyer's birth. I LOVE that stuff. Very cool that it comes from the snowball tree.

Annagrace said...

I love this. I love capturing little moments--you did a great job. I feel like I'm there.

Thanks for today--we had such a good time, as always! Hope little Juniper can sleep some this afternoon.

Rachel Catriona said...

Yeah flowers! My gerber is still going strong.

Folklife: hope to be there but we have some travel issues to sort out first.

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