Portland's Marquam Trail Hike

Saturday, May 10, 2008

This morning I could be found huffing and puffing to the top of Council Crest, my first hike in over three years. Sad, I know.

Now that Juniper is five months old, and seems to do well when I'm away, I'm taking any opportunity I can get to exercise. By way of the Marquam Trail, a close-in trail that is 3.9 miles to the top with many uphill switchbacks, I made my way to the top of Council Crest. There is detailed information about the trail at Portland Hiker's Field Guide. This hike was quite the workout for this out-of-shape, postpartum body. I felt pretty good after it was over, though I know I'll be sore in the morning. On a side note, it's encouraging to see Juniper do so well with Landon when I'm away. She's happiest during the first part of the day, so I'm hoping to be able to get away more during the weekends when Landon is home to help.
Happy 5 Month Birthday, Juniper!


Anonymous said...

You did great for a first hike!

One of the postings about Marquam Trail mentioned a very large thick poison ivy vine. Just hiked the trail today but missed it.

Anonymous said...

This trail is one of Portland's best kept secrets! I am most ambivalent about your sharing it with the world!

BTW, it is a 7 mile round trip from Terwilliger to Council Crest and back. You had a good workout, Mom!

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