Portland Recycles!

Friday, May 02, 2008

Our neighborhood received our new roll carts today for recycling and yard debris collection. With the new recycling system, less sorting will be required, and we can add more plastics without necks, including nursery pots and buckets. Since the roll carts are so large, we won't have to put it out by the curb as frequently. The old yellow bins will now be used for recycling glass. Read more about Portland's new recycling system here. In addition, Enviromom wrote a great blog post about what can and can not go in these new roll carts.


Aviva said...

I'm so envious! I can't wait until my neighborhood gets them!!!

Although I'm not looking forward to the switch to putting food debris in with the yard debris and having garbage pickup only every other week. Hopefully, by the time they implement that change, Ellie will be long out of diapers. But we'll still have kitty litter to dispose of ...

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